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This is a book I‘m very grateful to have read. Halevi writes as an Israeli Jew wanting to open up a dialogue with his Palestinian neighbours, putting his beliefs and the story of his homeland out there, whilst recognising that the Palestinian narrative is very different. 👇

RachelO I learnt a lot. And, especially right now, his approach seems important - wanting to listen, wanting to find commonalities, appreciating that there is more than one narrative. The last part of the book is from #anotherpointofview, letters from Palestinian readers in response to his book.

Cinfhen I thought this book was a great starting point and a clear, concise easy to comprehend approach to the Israel/Palestine conflict. I dislike the word conflict because it‘s SO MUCH MORE than a political war/ it‘s about identity and Homeland to two peoples. 1mo
squirrelbrain Sounds very interesting and thought-provoking... 1mo
RachelO @Cinfhen It really was. Coming at it with virtually no background knowledge, it was very readable (and short 😉), but covered so much ground. I think I already had it on my tbr when you posted the other week, but it finally prompted me to read it. 1mo
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Small Fry | Lisa Brennan-Jobs
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#nonfiction2019 #anotherpointofview an alternate peek into the life of Steve Jobs, this time through his daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs , who wrote this memoir of her early life. Lisa‘s mother and Steve Jobs had separated before she was born, and it took years for Steve to accept Lisa as his child - he finally did but in a very distant and limited way than you would expect from a parent. This is an unusual story and it‘s well written and thoughtful.

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