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Untitled | Unknown
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1 - Ocean 🌊
2 - Prickly pear 🌵
3 - Gila

#succulentsaturday @ReadosaurusText @saguarosally

ReadosaurusText Nice! 1mo
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Wolf Rain | Nalini Singh
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1. Ocean
2. Barrel cactus, so semectrical and sturdy
3. Javalina, cute and petable
#succulentsaturday @ReadosaurusText @saguarosally

This might be the last I read of this series, just not loving them anymore. But you know what I do love ❤ my blue foot planter😁. I tired out before I could finish weeding.

saguarosally I‘m all for a good barrel cactus too! 1mo
ReadosaurusText Excellent choices! 1mo
danireads I think she‘s struggling to find her feet with this second arc. I enjoyed this book more than the others, but I think it‘s mostly due to catching up with many of my favorite oldies. I‘m hoping this book fires her up again. 1mo
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Josefina Javelina: A Hairy Tale | Susan Lowell, Bruce W. MacPherson
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#succulentsaturday @ReadosaurusText @saguarosally
1 Desert 🏜️
2 prickly pear
3 javelina

saguarosally I think the javelina are running away with this! 1mo
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The Heavenly Table: A Novel | Donald Ray Pollock
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Desert .... it‘s where I live
Prickly pear ... especially in the form of cider or margarita
Gila Monster... javelinas are mean

@ReadosaurusText @saguarosally

saguarosally I was just about to mention the prickly pear margarita. It‘s not easy to find in New England! 1mo
ReadosaurusText Prickly pear margarita for the ultimate win! 1mo
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#SucculentSaturday This or That edition!
🌵Desert! (but I love the ocean, too)
🌵Prickly pear, though both excellent succulents!
🌵Javelina, because I have seen way more in the wild

saguarosally I wonder if the barrel cactus will get any votes. 😂 1mo
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1. The ocean is a desert with its life underground and a perfect disguise above...
2. Barrel cactus
3. Javelinas! They like pumpkin.

saguarosally My brain is overloaded. Please stand by and bring salt water. 😜 1mo
ReadosaurusText Javelinas destroyed my childhood Jack-o-lanterns every Halloween! 1mo
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Skeleton Canyon | J. A. Jance
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It‘s time for the #SucculentSaturday This or That edition. I know it‘s pretty Southwestern US centric this time, but that‘s what I know. 😁🌵So here we go!

1. Desert.
2. Prickly pear, but maybe I‘m just craving a prickly pear jelly or such.
3. Gila Monster. It‘s smaller. 😂


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Yes, in west Texas
The White Princess (audio) & starting tagged

@saguarosally @ReadosaurusText #SucculentSaturday

saguarosally West Texas is fantastic! 1mo
Q84 @saguarosally yeah its beautiful! And peaceful... so calming 1mo
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Black Diamond | Martin Walker
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@saguarosally @ReadosaurusText
🌵 The Painted Desert, Mojave Desert, Petrified Forest(which is in a desert), White Sands, VLA (I think is in a desert area)
🌵🌵Yes, yes I am, courtesy of my Gram, God rest her soul
🌵🌵🌵See tagged book, 3rd in a great series

saguarosally I‘m not even half sure what a desert really is. 1mo
Crazeedi @saguarosally very little water maybe? Lol 1mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. I have, in the U.S. and I‘m a fan of the big cities plopped down in deserts but not fan of the CSI-esque middle of nowhere.

2. No, I‘m awful. Just awful.

3. Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware and How Not to Die Alone by Richard Roper... and both are wonderful. ❤️

@saguarosally @ReadosaurusText

saguarosally So how middle of nowhere is middle of nowhere? A few years and you get used to it. 😇 1mo
BlameJennyJane @saguarosally I‘d say my middle of nowhere criteria would include anywhere remote enough someone might consider it a good location to hide a body AND far enough out people have spotted UFOs, but the number of corroborating witnesses is small enough that the government won‘t take reports seriously. 😂😂😂 👽 1mo
saguarosally @BlameJennyJane So anywhere near where I grew up.🤣 1mo
BlameJennyJane @saguarosally lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 1mo
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