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Booth | Karen Joy Fowler
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#BookerPrize22 Longlist. It‘s the only reason I picked it up. While this is primarily about John Wilkes Booth family members, it offers a glimpse into the U.S. well before and during the Civil War. Some of the incidents that occurred are wild, and remind me of the anger and lawlessness of today, but on steroids. While overly long I learned things from it that I will remember for some time.

vivastory I have heard so many mixed things about this one. Not sure when I'll get to it. Glad you liked it 3w
Suet624 @vivastory I know. I figured ahead of time with so many mixed reviews I might not like it. It‘s not that the writing was so great There were just so many random facts in the book that kept me interested about life during that time. I should really read more about that era. My dad was a history teacher and loved to talk about that time but did I want to listen to him? Nope. (edited) 3w
vivastory You might find the following interesting. It's one of the best nf books I've read this year 3w
Suet624 @vivastory great! I‘ll put it on my list. Thanks. 3w
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Joan Is Okay | Weike Wang
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I've begun my #BookerPrize22 reading with Booth and picked up the tagged book during a library browse over the weekend. It's the dark horse of my recent reading. The understated writing, the bitingly dry humor, Joan herself. I'm surprised I haven't seen more talk about it on here.


Ruthiella I loved Fowler‘s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves but was less impressed with The Jane Austen Book Club. Booth will be the tie breaker! 2mo
HeatherBookNerd I‘m in the middle of this now and it‘s great! 2mo
dylanisreading @Ruthiella Haven't read any Fowler before this, but I'm liking Booth so far! 2mo
dylanisreading @HeatherBookNerd Awesome! I really liked it. 2mo
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