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Make Me | Lee Child
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It's that time again y'all!!! We had so much fun with this last year that I have decided to bring it back! Get those stacks ready!!! 📚📖🤓📚

#MakeMeReadIt #Readathon #LitsyHappenings

tammysue Yay! 🙌🏻 3mo
Andrew65 You know I can never resist a challenge. 😂 3mo
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TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 yes Sir! You could say I know you.... like a book! 🤭😂🤣😂🤣😂 3mo
SleepyDragon Oh boy. Lots to think about ... 3mo
Laughterhp Oh yay! I really enjoyed this last year! 3mo
AnansiGirl This looks like a fun reading challenge. I‘m thinking about giving it a try. 3mo
TheReadingMermaid @AnansiGirl people really loved it last year. What we do is we get together a stack of books that we are going to read for the next month take a picture of it and post it. Then everybody votes on the order in which you read the books. it really helps for those of us who have trouble figuring out what to read next 3mo
HufflepuffGirl90 I‘m up for it!! Let‘s do this! 3mo
AnneCecilie I‘m in. Loved this way for reading my tbr. Now to start planning the books 😉 3mo
Wonderwoman89 I would like to do this 3mo
DuskAngelReads @TheReadingMermaid does this go for the entirety of June? I am the creator of the Ultimate ReadAThon Guide where you can find all the time for upcoming ReadAThons! I would love to add this one to the calendar if you could give me some details. 😊 https://teamup.com/ksn46fz7xmx6dn9puk 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads hey there! I guess it actually takes place over 2 month's time. in June we will be selecting and voting on the books and then in July we will actually be reading the books that have been voted on. I would love to be added to the list however. What kind of details do you need? 2mo
DuskAngelReads Just dates, if there is an announcement anywhere, then links to that would be helpful. Any rules that people need to know & who the hosts are so I can give credit and also so people know where to be looking if they want to participate. Basically any details you would give someone who has never participated before. 😊😊 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads okay, so for the month of June what we will be doing is choosing a stack of books that we will read for the month of July. We then take a picture of the stack of books and post it here on Litsy. Then everyone votes on the order of the books to be read (I.E. the book with the most votes gets read first then so on and so forth). Then in July we read them in the order voted on. 2mo
TheReadingMermaid I am the host. I will be commenting and be being tagged in all of the posts. I will also be promoting this on my website as part of Litsy Happenings. You can find my website here: TamaraTheReadingMermaid.weebly.com 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads Andrew and I also host a read-a-thon every last weekend of the month if you are interested in promoting that as well. It is called #24B4Monday by me and @Andrew65 . It is pretty big here on Litsy and is just starting to take off on Instagram and Facebook. 2mo
DuskAngelReads Awesome! Sure can add both. Where can it be found on Insta & Facebook? Just so I can link those aswell. 😊 2mo
TheReadingMermaid On Facebook I promote it through my page: The Reading Mermaid Book Blog and Boutique, as well as my book club group: The Reading Mermaid's Book Club. Then on Instagram I actually have a bookstagram and promote it there: the_reading_mermaid 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads ⬆️⬆️⬆️ 2mo
DuskAngelReads Also is Andrew65 a host of this one as well? Or just 24B4Monday ?? 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads he is only the co-host for the 24B4Monday. I am the host for both. 2mo
DuskAngelReads Awesome! Think that is all I need. Will add them both to the calendar. They will also get promoted on the @readathon_guide on Twitter & Instagram before the month they are happening. 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads incredible! Thank you so very much! Do you need posters for them at all? I just make them up on pic collage and then post them once they are made. But I can send them to you earlier if you need them. 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads and I just followed you on Instagram and Twitter by the way 2mo
DuskAngelReads @TheReadingMermaid If you want me to share your own graphic on the Twitter & Instagram Threads then you are more than welcome to send them to me on Insta or Twitter. 😊 Also just wanted to confirm the dates for the 24B4Monday. Is it Friday, Saturday & Sunday? I noticed previous post said it was 26-28 of April, which is 3 days. Just want to make sure I have my info correct 😁 2mo
TheReadingMermaid @DuskAngelReads yes that is correct. It lasts from midnight Thursday night 2 midnight Sunday night. Basically all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And great! You can also find the graphics on my Instagram in the Events highlight of my page. The one for this month has already been posted in there. 😊 2mo
TheReadingMermaid It's on my website too 2mo
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