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#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush

No description needed. 😍

Anyone who wants to join, please, jump in using the hashtags.

HOTPock3tt I want that cover!!! 😍♥️ 10h
ValerieAndBooks 😍!! 9h
erzascarletbookgasm 💗 💗 6h
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#7days7covers #covercrush #day6

@Niveditha would you like to get active on Litsy right away and join in a photo challenge? Seven days, seven covers, no explanation needed. Just use the hashtags. We‘ve been tagging someone each day, but nobody‘s going to be bothered if, as a brand new Litten, you don‘t.

LauraBeth LOVE the Miró! 14h
Lynnsoprano @LauraBeth I know! It‘s why I had to include this cover. 12h
Niveditha Thanks for the tag. I'm on it! ☺️ 9m
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“And white feminist theory had also neglected the voices of women of color, often regarding gender and only gender as the bond and platform on which the women‘s movement was be grounded.”

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I was approved for this ARC after its publishing date. I think that is a first for me. 🙃

Amiable I‘m reading this right now—it‘s so good! I‘m racing through it. 20h
Chelsea.Poole I love this book ♥️ 20h
DarcysMom @Amiable @ChelseaPoole I was late to work this morning because I couldn't put it down! (edited) 17h
kspenmoll I want to read it soon; lived his first book 9h
DarcysMom @kspenmoll I think it is even better than 5h
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Cozy | Parnell Hall
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My#cozyswap is here! Thank you @tdrosebud - I can't wait! @Avanders

Lynnsoprano If you have a package from @tdrosebud it will be spectacular! 1d
tdrosebud Yay! I hope you like everything! 1d
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Avanders 🎃♥️🎃♥️🎃 1d
quietjenn @Lynnsoprano @tdrosebud Good to know! Really looking forward to what‘s inside! 1d
LauraBeth I would actually be happy with just his box! 19h
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One Good Deed | David Baldacci
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A stand alone set in the late 1940s. Archer is released from prison and will do everything possible to not go back. Through almost no fault of his own, he may end up there anyway. This is part who dunnit and part good old fashioned detective work. Baldacci has written another great book!!!

Pretty Reckless | L J Shen
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I can‘t stand high school romances...unless they‘re written by @authorljshen Then they are the most amazing books. So many emotions and the angst! I loved it - especially the little peeks of the hotholes 😍 #romance #romantsy #kindleunlimited

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A nice, short, concise book going over the latest thoughts on consciousness. Not a lot of detail, but a good starting point if you do not know the latest research and thoughts on this subject.

#science #neuroscience

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