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This month‘s #BoolClub pick!

Hopefully, they‘re not too scary that they keep me up at night 😬

aperfectmjk 50 stories... that's a lot of points. 😉 19h
CrowCAH @aperfectmjk they‘re really short, not too pages each. 18h
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The hurricane didn‘t impact us too much, but it did upend our regular schedule. It was really nice to take a coffee and books break this morning.

EvieBee Glad you‘re okay! 4d
Lynnsoprano @EvieBee Thanks! It wasn‘t a big deal for us, but our son is still without power in the Orlando area. All we had to deal with was some tree branches down and a lot of leaves and debris blown onto our patio. 4d
tpixie So glad for you. Hopefully your soon will get power soon. 🌺💙🌺. (edited) 4d
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EvieBee @Lynnsoprano Hugs to you all. It is always scary just waiting to see what the damage is going to be. I lived in tornado alley for many years and it was always nerve wracking. (edited) 4d
StaceGhost Ooo I loved this book! Glad you‘re tucked away safe with a good read. 4d
Lynnsoprano @StaceGhost Thanks! Hubby read this and loved it, and I really enjoyed The Founding Gardeners by the same author. 4d
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Fall Mail Bid Sale | World Art Medals, Philadelphia
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Came home to my #litsylovefallswap package today. You are *very* on the ball, @Born.A.Reader - I should have yours in the mail by Monday. Thank you and i hope that y'all are safe!

@Bookgoil @Deblovestoread