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The Lion King | Disney Book Group
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In my MoonLite app I have The Lion Story!

My favorite Disney animated film 🦁👑

Today it turns 30 years old!!!

BarbaraJean Ohhhh, that makes me feel old!! 4h
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Greenery Street | Denis George Mackail
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A rather sweet, happy book, about a young couple's engagement and first year, as they settle into marriage and domesticity. There are challenges and some exasperation along the way, but ultimately there's just so much warmth here. Quite lovely and charming.


Tamra I feel like this is a great spring & summer read! 💛💚 1d
jlhammar Lovely floral pattern 🌸 Yes, so much warmth - great way to describe it! 1d
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quietjenn FYI: the most recent house listing I found for Walpole Street. Just five million plus pounds, but the patio is already paved 😅 https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/details/england-129722033-19311835?s=26... 1d
willaful Ooo, Vera Bradley! I have so many items in that pattern. 😂 1d
Tamra @quietjenn whew 😅 1d
LeahBergen Thank God it‘s paved. 😆 24h
Cathythoughts Yes , warmth is the word 👍🏻🥰 and the house is only five million plus … a steal 😂 20h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Wow, this week went by quickly!
1. A nice lunch with a dear friend.
2. My orchid bloomed! Yay for benign neglect 😂
3. Trying new recipes that turn out really well.
4. The beautiful smell of orange jasmine on this morning‘s walk.
5. Taking “me time” for a mani-pedi.

Consider yourself tagged 😄

DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 Love the polish color! 💅🏻 Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 1d
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