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Untitled | Unknown
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1. The Rose Code 💜💜💜
2. Not usually, it depends on my library hold and renewal situation. 😬😂🙄

Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront
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Finished Wuthering Heights last night, when I couldn't sleep. I quite enjoyed this reread, but sort of the same way I sometimes enjoy terrible reality television: for the chance to think "You are all* awful people. And real stupid. When the bad things that are most definitely going to happen finally occur, you will deserve them." I don't get how anyone reads this as a great love story, but it was a fun ride

*except poor Hareton

KathyWheeler I never understood the people who view it as a great love story either; it always felt more akin to gothic or horror to me. 2h
Tamra This is one of my favorites and I need to reread! 😆 2h
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quietjenn @Tamra I have read it since high school or maybe early college. There was a *lot* that I didn't remember! 2h
Tamra @quietjenn that happens to me all the time. 2h
Liatrek I agree! Just not a love story. 1h
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When a Kindle deal is 99 cents and you can‘t resist the cover 🤣 #romantsy

Dragon Downloaded 🙏💚🐉 7h
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The Wild One | Danelle Harmon
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Through a Shana Galen contest for Danelle Harmon‘s book, The Wild One, I was 1 of 15 lucky winners!

This will be my next physical book read ❤️

Ruthiella Congratulations on your win! 1d
CrowCAH @Ruthiella thanks! I was happy to grow my romance collection! ❤️ 1d
Susanita Girl, where are your shoes??? 16h
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CrowCAH @Susanita lol! There‘s rocks; she could stub her toes! And her chest is awfully exposed for a day dress! (Maybe it is a fancy gown) (edited) 14h
Susanita I wonder if her shoes ran off with his shirt? 13h
CrowCAH @Susanita 😆 Not that it‘s an excuse, but this is a 1997 edition of the novel. They were a bit more lax back then lol 10h
robinb And of course, there's lightning and they're near the water. 😂 I have actually read this one (a hundred years ago!) and remember enjoying it. In fact, I think I've read several of hers. 4h
CrowCAH @robinb yes, water and lightning mix well lol. Glad you enjoyed it. I‘m looking forward to reading it! It will be my first Harmon. now
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Fireheart Tiger | Aliette de Bodard
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A solid coming of age LGBTQ story set in a historical Vietnamese setting.


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Off to a great start with all these ~4h audios 😁