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Untitled | Unknown
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Thanks for the tag, @TheSpineView

My favorite restaurant is our neighborhood Italian restaurant, Agliolio‘s in Wellington, Florida. Delicious homemade pasta, world‘s best garlic bread, fantastic everything. Having lunch there on Thursday with a friend.

I love books that involve food, especially when there are recipes included.

@dabbe @Texreader @tpixie , want to play?


jamield1993 Oooh, I could just eat some garlic bread 🤤🤤🤤 4h
Lynnsoprano @jamield1993 I know what you mean! Theirs comes dripping olive oil, and I‘d be perfectly happy with a couple plates of that and nothing else 😂😋 4h
jamield1993 @Lynnsoprano Sold 🤣 throw in a bowl of olives and a nice chilled white wine and that's the dream! 4h
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tpixie @Lynnsoprano thanks for the tag! Yum! I love dipping bread and olive oil and pepper!! I‘ll play a little later today when I get a chance! 3h
CatMS Recently moved to Kalamazoo Mi and still trying to find good restaurants. Would love to find great Italian, and Mexican restaurants. The books including food that I like are usually written by chefs. 2h
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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#HeartstoneBuddyRead (catch-up post)

Chapter 19 Alastair invites Aliza, aunt and uncle to dinner! Akarra is there, as well as, Julienna and her dragon Mar‘esh. Daired is being cordial and courteous and attentive. He even extends an invite to the three to stay at the house while tending Aliza‘s great-aunt. She accepts and finds she doesn‘t regret the decision. ☺️

After this chapter, officially 3/4 of the way done with the novel.

ravenlee I really like this section, where we get to see Daires in his natural habitat. 16h
Ruthiella I was a little grossed out at the live cattle for dinner, but dragons are gonna be dragons 🐉😬 15h
julieclair It's nice to see Daired being so at ease, charming and kind. He is a good host. 15h
TheAromaofBooks I am really enjoying this story. Are you planning to buddy read through the other two books after this one? 6h
PageShifter I was glad that she said yes 😀 3h
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The Fifth Season | N. K. Jemisin
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Anyone else doing #TransRightsReadathon? Anyone know Sim_Bookstagrams_Badly or know if they‘re over here under another name?
This one features at least a trans main character, there may be others I don‘t recall from my first time through several years ago.

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And now reading this, which was inspired by @Jen2 posting about it.

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