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The Last Days of Socrates
The Last Days of Socrates | Plato
'Consider just this, and give your minds to this alone: whether or not what I say is just' Plato's account of Socrates' trial and death (399 BC) is a significant moment in Classical literature and the life of Classical Athens. In these four dialogues, Plato develops the Socratic belief in responsibility for one's self and shows Socrates living and dying under his philosophy. In Euthyphro, Socrates debates goodness outside the courthouse; Apology sees him in court, rebutting all charges of impiety; in Crito, he refuses an entreaty to escape from prison; and in Phaedo, Socrates faces his impending death with calmness and skilful discussion of immortality. Christopher Rowe's introduction to his powerful new translation examines the book's themes of identity and confrontation, and explores how its content is less historical fact than a promotion of Plato's Socratic philosophy.
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This has four dialogues that take us through, as the title reveals, Socrates's trial & final days. Euthyphro is a debate on the nature of piety as Socrates waits outside the courthouse, while Apology is a one-man monologue where a feisty Socrates argues against the charges brought upon him. Crito sees him in prison arguing with his rich pal on the nature of justice, while Phaedo is the longest, densest dialogue here, on the nature of the soul.

batsy All of these are brilliant in their own way & definitely require rereading. In an ideal world there would be plenty of time to engage with the ethical arguments brought forth in these dialogues. I have a soft spot for the Apology because of the dramatic nature of Socrates defending himself. As he says, if he's being condemned for anything, it's for not presenting himself to authority in the toadying manner of those who are subservient to power. 17h
Bookwomble Hmmm, I have this on my shelf from last year (recent purchase), and your review tempts me to start reading it, but I really must finish at least one of the books I'm already reading first! 5h
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A must read even though I would recommend a different publisher.

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Well, Plato rapped all night about Socrates suicide. How he couldn't stand to be there when the old man died. Speed jive, don't want to stay alive when you're 75.
Authorities are crazy saying they're juvenile delinquent wrecks.
Now Socrates drunk a lot of hemlock, claims he's feeling fine, got to race some cat to bed.
#AllTheYoungDudes carry the news (once they've finished crying).
#SeptemBowie (I couldn't quite make it match the tune)

batsy Love this 👏👏 6y
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TrishB Cool 👍 6y
PurpleyPumpkin Amazing!👌🏽 6y
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This book changed my life. Knowing the socratic method and how to apply it in real life situations will help you better understand concepts. "The unexamined life is not worth living."