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Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids
Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids: 50 STEAM Projects You Can Eat! | Megan Olivia Hall
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Inspire kids to get excited about science with edible experiments for ages 5-10. Discover hands-on experiments that encourage kids to get involved in science. With results they can eat, theyll find learning irresistible! Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids is full of food-related experiments that kids can literally sink their teeth into. Each chapter puts a new STEAM subject on the table, giving young learners a taste of science, technology, engineering, art, and math in delicious ways to use their brains. An age-appropriate introduction to the scientific method empowers kids to form hypotheses and test their theories. The experiments are rated for difficulty and potential mess, so adults know how much supervision is required. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure educational?and edible!?results. SOLAR-POWERED SMORES: Learn about energy from the sun and build a solar oven out of a cardboard box. Then its time to cook and enjoy smores in the sunshine! WHAT STOPS ONION TEARS?: Discover why people cry when they cut onions, and design an experiment to test preventative methods. What happens when the onions are cooked? EDIBLE DYES: In this artistic project, create a homemade dye by simmering beets, and find out the secret to getting the brightest colors from plant-based dyes. Feed kids science curiosity with Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids. Help them become scientists and chefs at the same time!
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I added this to our granddaughter‘s birthday stack. The activities look like a lot of fun. I also like the “mess-o-meter.” I know her parents will enjoy doing the experiments with her, but I hope I get a chance, too.

tpixie Fun! 2w
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