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Escape Reality
Escape Reality: Short Stories: Short Stories | Jasmine Gorton
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Everyone is looking for a way to escape reality. Why not jump into someone else's shoes for a change?Fall into a world of wonder as it feels like you are standing right beside the character. From sprinting away from hoards of green-glowing skeletons to a simple kiss that could sweep you off your feet. Feel the goosebumps on your arms as you hear the deafening sound of doom walking towards you. This short story collection offers a variety of unknown worlds to humankind. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat because you will need to know more!
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Your reading habits are a form of escapism. Reading helps you break away from the grind of everyday life, get out of your head, and into a world that you help create. You probably always have a few “next books” in mind. Your next books might be the season‘s biggest fiction release, a classic you know and love, or an unpredictable suspense novel. Books are a way for you to relax and pass the time.

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