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Sense and Sensibility in Space
Sense and Sensibility in Space | Sybil Nelson
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When sensible and wise Elsinor Dashing falls in a love with a man beyond her social standing, she finds herself locked in an emotional prison as she struggles to keep her romantic disappointment a secret. On the other hand, when her passionate and impulsive brother, Madrick, falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Willow King, their ill-advised romance lands him in a literal prison. Through their individual challenges, the siblings learn that they must have both sense and sensibility if they are to find happiness in a society where status and species govern the rules of love. This futuristic take on a classic tale continues the stories of characters first introduced in Pride and Prejudice in Space.
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Not in the Litsy database, but I don‘t want anyone to miss out on this. 😊 #PemberLittens #kindlefreebie #kindledeals #kindle

LeahBergen And another! 😆 7mo
batsy Omg 😅 7mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen @batsy The one I‘m waiting for is Northanger Abbey in Space. 🤣 7mo
Clare-Dragonfly Ooh, this one was still $2.99 when I downloaded the other two! Thanks! 😁 7mo
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