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The Woman on the Island
The Woman on the Island | Ann Cleeves
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New York Times bestseller Ann Cleeves returns with a delicious short story featuring DCI Vera Stanhope as a young woman, and also including an excerpt from the next Vera Stanhope novel, The Rising Tide. "Ann Cleeves is one of my favorite mystery writers."-Louise Penny A rare day off from policing leads DCI Vera Stanhope across the tidal causeway to Holy Island, the lure of crab sandwiches there too hard to resist. While on the island, she is reminded of the day decades before when, as a teenager, she went with her father Hector on another day trip. The day she watched him meet with a mystery woman on the beach... Vera already knew then that Hector kept secrets, but this time the fledging investigator was determined to find the truth of why he was meeting the woman on the island, never realizing it would mean taking her first step onto a path to becoming a detective... In this wonderful short story, Ann Cleeves shows us the origins of Vera as a detective, and showcases the setting for her next novel, The Rising Tide.
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Vera crosses the tidal causeway to Holy Island, in search of a crab sandwich.The visit triggers the memory of a day when her teenage self visited the island with Hector, her bird egg stealing dad. She secretly follows Hector & sees him meet up with a younger, attractive woman,leaving her with questions as to who this woman is to him.This experience has repercussions in her life choices.