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Faculty of Murder: Mother Paul Investigates
Faculty of Murder: Mother Paul Investigates | June Wright
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Mother Paul, June Wright's beloved nun-detective, returns to her sleuthing ways after she takes up a new position as warden of a student hall of residence at the University of Melbourne. No sooner has Judith Mornane arrived on campus than she startles her fellow residents by announcing her intention to discover the murderer of her sister, who disappeared from the same dorm a year earlier. The ever-curious Mother Paul is drawn to investigate what happened to Judith's sister--did she simply run off for reasons best known to herself, as the police concluded, or could it be she really was murdered? Was her disappearance perhaps linked to a tragedy that happened at around the same time--the accidental drowning (in her bathtub) of the wife of one of the college's professors? Was that drowning in fact as accidental as the official investigation suggested? Mother Paul believes the two events are connected somehow, and a further tragedy, the faked-suicide death of one of her student charges, convinces her that a particularly cruel and clever murderer is still at work within the college. She is not above a little subterfuge in the interest of discovering the truth and moves her colleagues, the students, and even the police around like so many figures on a chessboard until finally, amid high drama, the murderer is revealed.
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I am 100% here for crimefighting nuns.

EvieBee Me too! Have you watched Sister Boniface? 1mo
Tamra Ok, this premise just sounds fun! If crime can be fun…..😅 1mo
quietjenn @EvieBee yes, I love Sister Boniface! I was so glad they decided to give her her own show. 1mo
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Bookzombie @quietjenn @EvieBee Do I need to have watched all of Father Brown to start the Sister Boniface series? I‘m okay with that, just curious. 1mo
quietjenn @Bookzombie no, not at all! She‘s only in one Father Brown, in the first season and there not much connecting the shows really. Her series takes place about a decade or so later and Father Brown does guest appear in one episode, but it‘s more just a nod to fans. 1mo
Bookzombie @quietjenn Thank you! I have seen a few Father Brown so I will go back to it, but glad to know I can start Sister Boniface first. 🙂 1mo
EvieBee @Bookzombie Yay! I just started watching and love it! 1mo
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