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Ignored & Treasured
Ignored & Treasured: The Duke's Bookish Bride | Bree Wolf
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A bookish lady. A reticent duke. And a heart-shattering misunderstanding. After having been overlooked as the bookish sister all her life, LADY HELEN, eldest daughter to the Earl of Hargreaves, finds herself swept into a fairy tale romance when she encounters a reticent stranger at a ball. Like herself, he seemed to have retreated from the hustle bustle of the crowded ballroom in order to find solitude. However, when their eyes meet, it is as though their souls recognise one another as kindred spirits. In order to placate his mother, who sternly orders him to finally choose a bride, ALEXANDER ASTOR, DUKE OF KENSINGTON, begrudgingly attends two or three balls a season, always retreating from the crowded noise once he deems his social obligations fulfilled. However, one night, a young lady stumbles upon his hiding place, and before Alexander knows what is happening, her enchanting smile and intelligent, bright eyes awaken his heart from its deep slumber. Can there be a happily-ever-after for a bookish lady and a reticent duke?
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1. I believe I cried at the tagged book, can‘t quite recall, but I do remember being deeply moved. All of Bree Wolf novels do that to me.

2. Historical romance. Because, of the second chances, the HEAs, the feeling of being wanted and loved and treasured. 🥰

3. I better go with Pride and Prejudice

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