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Summer of Blood
Summer of Blood: England's First Revolution | Dan Jones
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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Plantagenets and a top authority on the historical events that inspired Game of Thrones, a vivid, blood-soaked account of one of the most famous rebellions in historythe first mass uprising by the people of England against their feudal masters In the summer of 1381, ravaged by poverty and oppressed by taxes, the people of England rose up and demanded that their voices be heard. A ragtag army, led by the mysterious Wat Tyler and the visionary preacher John Ball, rose up against the fourteen-year-old Richard II and his most powerful lords and knights, who risked their property and their lives in a desperate battle to save the English crown. Dan Jones brings this incendiary moment to life and captures both the idealism and brutality of that fateful summer, when a brave group of men and women dared to challenge their overlords, demand that they be treated equally, and fight for freedom. Praise for Summer of Blood: Hot, brave and reeking with gore. The Times (London) Sound scholarship and sexy writing make this . . . essential reading. The Independent (London), Book of the Year Praise for The Plantagenets: A real life Game of Thrones, as dramatic and blood-soaked as any work of fantasy . . . Fast-paced and accessible, The Plantagenets is old-fashioned storytelling and will be particularly appreciated by those who like their history red in tooth and claw. The Wall Street Journal From the Trade Paperback edition.
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I may be the only person out there who has yet to see Game of Thrones or read the books! I actually had to look up #RainesOfCastamere to see to what it refers!

When I think Game of Thrones, I think bloodbaths, the constant vying for power. Dan Jones is a leading expert on all things British royalty in the Medieval times, leading up to the rise of the Tudors. Here is one of his works, discussing the English Revolution of 1381. #SoaringScores

charl08 Nope, you're not the only one! 🙋‍♀️ 2w
Librarybelle Thanks, @charl08 ! 😁 2w
Cinfhen My hubby is a big fan of the author / I‘m gonna mention this book to him 🤓Thanks for sharing and posting 2w
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Librarybelle @Cinfhen You‘re welcome! 2w
Sace I haven't read GoT either. 2w
Librarybelle @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Maybe I‘ll get to it some day. Too many other books I really want to read! 2w
Sace It doesn't appeal to me in the least. 2w
Librarybelle @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Not my usual reading, either. 🙂 2w
batsy Count me in the haven't watched or read camp 😁 2w
TheEllieMo I‘ve never read it, never watched it, I also had to Google the prompt! 2w
Librarybelle Thanks, @batsy @TheEllieMo ! It‘s good to know I‘m in good company! 2w
MicheleinPhilly I haven‘t read/watched either and have no desire to. 2w
CrowCAH Nice! Great title and cover graphic! 2w
Crazeedi I haven't read/seen either, is that bad?? 2w
Librarybelle @MicheleinPhilly @Crazeedi I‘m so happy to see others who have not read/watched either! 2w
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