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Lost Track of Time
Lost Track of Time | Paige Britt
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Penelope is running out of time!She dreams of being a writer, but how can she pursue her passion when her mother schedules every minute of her life? And how will she ever prove that writing is worthwhile if her mother keeps telling her to "get busy!" and "be more productive"?Then one day, Penelope discovers a hole in her schedule--an entire day completely unplanned!--and she mysteriously falls into it. What follows is a mesmerizing journey through the Realm of Possibility where Penelope sets out to find and free the Great Moodler, the one person who may have the answers she seeks. Along the way, she must face an army of Clockworkers, battle the evil Chronos, take a daring Flight of Fancy, and save herself from the grip of time.Brimming with clever language and masterful wordplay, The Lost Track of Time is a high-stakes adventure that will take you to a place where nothing is impossible and every minute doesn't count--people do!
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Lost Track of Time | Paige Britt
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I do not know why there haven‘t been many posts about this book (which I am assuming means not that many people have read it). Having read this a year or two ago, my memory is a bit foggy, but I remember my love and admiration for the book. This really isn‘t a book for those who enjoy a lot of action/violence/etc. The reason I love this book is for its comedy, creativity, encouragement for imagination, goofiness, and the moral that it presents.

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Hello! First post here. So a heads up I'm a little weird and love books so much if u take my book I'll smack you :)

Anyways, just reading The Lost Track Of Time.