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Cowzat! | Bruce Atherton, Ben Redlich
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Cowzat! | Bruce Atherton, Ben Redlich
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Thought it was time I started on the #BBRC. All our picture books have been put away or given away, so I went to the library😱
Alpha is a beautifully illustrated NATO phonetic alphabet
Black Cat was disappointing
Cowzat! was my favourite - cows invent the game of cricket and play it in the proper spirit ( @Andrew65 essential reading for all young cricketers!)
The Dawn Chorus was delightful - a bird unable to join in turned out to be a nightingale

LibrarianRyan Yeahhh. 6mo
Andrew65 After the performance in the first test I think the England Cricket team need to Read it! 😂 6mo
mabell Oh my goodness! I have to read Cowzat! 6mo
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CarolynM @Andrew65 I was pleasantly surprised🙂 Losing a top line bowler like that was bad luck and didn't help your cause. 6mo
CarolynM @mabell I don't know how much sense it makes if you don't already have a working knowledge of cricket🤔 Probably worth a try, though🙂 6mo
mabell I was hoping it would give me a working knowledge of cricket 🤣 But I‘ve ordered it through interlibrary loan, so I can try to get up to speed before it arrives 😄 6mo
Andrew65 @CarolynM Yes especially with his record on that ground. Not helped by a spinner who has lost total confidence, and a certain batsman who was in inspired touch. Not matter what happened last year you have to admire his talent. He will be the difference between the teams, especially as we are struggling to find batsmen who can actually bat. Bring back Gower, Gooch, and batsman of that quality. 6mo
CarolynM @Andrew65 I used to love watching David Gower bat - Mark Waugh too - they were both so elegant. Ah, the good old days 😂 6mo
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