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Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead | Muata Ashby
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I Know myself, I know myself, I am One With God -From the Pert Em Heru "The Ru Pert em Heru" or "Ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead," or "Book of Coming Forth By Day" as it is more popularly known, has fascinated the world since the successful translation of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic scripture over 150 years ago. The astonishing writings in it reveal that the Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death and in an ultimate destiny to discover the Divine. The elegance and aesthetic beauty of the hieroglyphic text itself has inspired many see it as an art form in and of itself. But is there more to it than that? Did the Ancient Egyptian wisdom contain more than just aphorisms and hopes of eternal life beyond death? In this volume Dr. Muata Ashby, the author of over 25 books on Ancient Egyptian Yoga Philosophy has produced a new translation of the original texts which uncovers a mystical teaching underlying the sayings and rituals instituted by the Ancient Egyptian Sages and Saints. "Once the philosophy of Ancient Egypt is understood as a mystical tradition instead of as a religion or primitive mythology, it reveals its secrets which if practiced today will lead anyone to discover the glory of spiritual self-discovery. The Pert em Heru is in every way comparable to the Indian Upanishads or the Tibetan Book of the Dead." ? $28.95 ISBN# 1-884564-28-3 Size: 81/2" X
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“There are two roads which human beings can follow, one of wisdom and the other of ignorance. The path of the masses is the path of ignorance which leads them into negative situations, thoughts and deeds. These in turn lead to ill health and sorrow in life. The other road is based on wisdom and it leads to health, true happiness and enlightenment.”

#WanderingJune | 19: #WalkLikeAnEgyptian

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Cinfhen Wise words if maybe a little simplistic. Life doesn‘t always work that way 😜 6mo
LiterRohde @Cinfhen It was a walk (journey) quote written by Egyptians. And admit it, it sounds like every self-help book out there today - Think Positive! Follow Yours Dreams! So, we are still Walking Like Egyptians. And, of course, life doesn‘t work that way. I‘m a great person. The quintessential nice guy. And my life has basically gone to shit. 6mo
Cinfhen I‘m really sorry to read that. I don‘t know you outside of Litsy but you do seem like the “quintessential nice guy” I‘m truly sorry you‘re feeling like life kicked you in the face. I hope whatever it is that‘s bringing you down gets resolved immediately so you‘ll see happier days. 6mo
LiterRohde @Cinfhen No worries. After awhile it just becomes the new normal. Just agreeing with your first quote. And I find it funny that people are still today spouting the same platitudes as the Egyptians did thousands of years ago. Seriously, couldn‘t you imagine Tony Robbins reading that quote to an audience today? 6mo
BarbaraBB Wishing you the best, nice guy, I hope life will take a turn for the best for you soon 🍀💚 6mo
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