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My Best Friend
My Best Friend | Mary Ann Rodman
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Six-year-old Lily has a best friend all picked out for play group day, but unfortunately the differences between first-graders and second-graders are sometimes very large.
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My Best Friend | Mary Ann Rodman
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1. Mary is my best from that I met when I was 5 in Philly. She now lives in Ocala FL and I just saw her last week.
2. I saw a Green Flash Sunset in Captiva FL about 20 years ago that was a unique experience.
3. Cracking crabs with my father and he would use his beer bottle to crack them. I remember waiting for him to feed me crabmeat.
4. Skin by Mo Hayder
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@gradcat Thanks for the tag


gradcat Wow! You have friends from when you were very young! I‘m so envious of that—my brother has friends from that age. It‘s really something to be proud of, I think. Love all of your answers—very interesting! 🦀 ♥️👍 2mo
EadieB @gradcat We have had a few grade school reunions so I have many friends but Mary is my closest best friend. 2mo
Cinfhen Echoing @gradcat so special to have bf from elementary school....actually 5 is nursery!!!! Amazing ❤️ 2mo
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EadieB @Cinfhen We moved from South Philly to the Northeast and Mary lived on the same street so we were never apart once we met. (edited) 2mo
Librarybelle Thank you for the tag! 2mo
Eggs Great friend story 😍 I‘ve seen that sunset flash of which you speak too 2mo
gradcat Wow! Even grade school reunions! That is so great, and to me, it speaks of a real desire to maintain friendships—so admirable. ❣️ 2mo
EadieB @gradcat The grade school reunions were pretty successful but you need good people to be in charge of contacting everyone. 2mo
gradcat I get that...our high school reunions are terrible, and there was 350+ of us! 2mo
EadieB @gradcat I believe there were around 900 girls I graduated with from St. Hubert‘s Catholic High School for Girls in Philadelphia. (edited) 2mo
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