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Words from a Happy Place
Words from a Happy Place | Jen Yue
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This collective works of Jen Yue showcases her as a new age storyteller who uses her words to intrigue and present her passionate pursuits for all things beautiful, decidedly enamored with just living in the moment. Reading her words will reflect back into your own life, because her stories is about everyday people and how she uses her words to celebrate what life presents. She also paints ups and downs, with lyrical color, filled with detailed accounts and preferred metaphors. It is applied from moment to moment, shelving out trust. The hurt and her appreciation is credited from a great source of hope. So feel her moments in this collection of hidden gems.
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Yesterday was the programme launch for this years Edinburgh International Book Festival - which is my happy place 😍couldn't wait but to scour the whole brochure from A to Z #edbookfest

julesG One day I'll join you all. One day. 5mo
Moray_Reads I still don't have mine yet! Very irritating. But I actually love the cover this year 5mo
Crazeedi Lucky you!😊 5mo
Heideschrampf @Moray_Reads mpf. Maybe they sent out the international ones earlier. I love the cover too! 5mo
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