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Around the World in Eighty Poems
Around the World in Eighty Poems | James Berry
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A poetic pilgrimage offers a collection of poems from over fifty countries varying in tone, style, and subject.
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“Path of the open, path of the valley,
Path of the steep climb, path of the downward slope,
Return my mother to me.
Children are drowsing about to sleep,
Darkness is coming and there is no firewood,
And I have not found the lantern:
Return my mother to me.”

excerpt from “Footpath” by a Stella Ngatho (Kenya).
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This P book is great for young readers learning about poetry as well as incorporating it towards Social Studies. The 80 poems take them through an imaginary visit all over the world. From Greenland to Canada to Alaska to the United States and much more! It‘s fascinating how creative and different all the poems are.

Author: James Berry
Illustrator: Katherine Lucas



ally11301 The link has great lesson plan ideas for any grade you choose. I love the fact that it also allows you to choose the specifics on what you‘d like to focus your poetry on. (edited) 4y
ally11301 An ESOL strategy that aligns to this book would be #12 because the students might need help deciphering the meaning (or language) of the poems. The poems also deal with a content area, which is Social Studies. So every new poem will be from a different part of the world! I would need to teach them about that part of the world as the poems go. 4y
ally11301 An UDL strategy that goes well with this book is 1.3 because using the pictures in this book helps students visualize the information from the poems as well as understanding poetry. 4y
JessicaRosell I absolutely love poetry for children, it's one of the easier types of writing that children grasp. I also really like that your link supplied many lesson plan ideas that can be adjusted to the teachers needs. Thanks for the great book and ideas! 4y
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