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Before the Play: Prequel to The Shining
Before the Play: Prequel to The Shining | Stephen King
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This story tells of events which occurred before the Torrance family arrives at the Overlook Hotel.
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Pick for fans of Stephen King‘s The Shining. Before the Play is a prequel to The Shining that was published in Whispers Magazine in 1982. It consists of five acts which explain the history of the Overlook Hotel prior to the Torrance family becoming caretakers. I found it to be an interesting addition to The Shining. Thanks to @everlocalwest for bringing it to my attention. 3.0/5.0 ⭐️ #2019

KathyWheeler @rretzler Thanks for posting the link! I was fixin‘ to go looking for it. 5mo
rretzler @KathyWheeler Took me a little looking to find it, so I thought I‘d save those interested some time. 5mo
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BookwormM Must read this I love The Shining 5mo
rretzler @BookwormM Have you read Doctor Sleep yet? I haven‘t - thinking I probably need a reread of The Shining since it‘s probably been 30+ years since I last read it. 5mo
BookwormM I am thinking along the same lines as you reread The Shining then hit Doctor Sleep. I have just finished the Dark Tower series and now I want to dive into the King multiverse of cross overs 5mo
KathyWheeler I loved Doctor Sleep. 5mo
rretzler @BookwormM @KathyWheeler I haven‘t read any Stephen King since probably the mid-80s - I was on a teen/early 20s horror kick that died when I was in college. But I did love The Shining (and The Stand was a favorite of mine for many years!) 5mo
KathyWheeler @rretzler I had quit reading his books for awhile but then he came out with 11/22/63 which had an intriguing premise and was really good. 5mo
rretzler @KathyWheeler Too funny - I was also intrigued by 11/22/63, and I bought it when it came out, but have never actually gotten around to reading it. I‘ll have to try to find it and finally read it. 5mo
everlocalwest Awesome! Thanks for adding to the database (and posting a link, d'oh!). 5mo
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