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Compost Stew
Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth | Mary McKenna Siddals
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A rhyming recipe explains how to make the dark, crumbly, rich, earth-friendly food called compost while collage illustrations made with recycled and found materials echo the eco-friendly message. By the author of Millions of Snowflakes.
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In the past 2 months I've begun composting! I love being able to put my food scraps to good use. I have tons of worms who enjoy all the offerings I bring them and I've also seen other critters like toads and this lovely dragonfly (above) by the pile.

#LitsyCrafters Gardening 🌱

Chelsea.Poole I love this! Composting is huge in our household. We have two bins currently. Yours looks awesome! 1mo
Catsandbooks @Chelsea.Poole That's wonderful to hear! I have a small bucket inside that I put our daily scraps in and then each day I take it out to the pile. It's become one of my favorite things to see all the worms living their best wormy life turning our scraps into nutrient rich soil! 🪱🥰 1mo
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