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I Won't Eat That
I Won't Eat That | Christopher Silas Neal
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A hungry cat has no idea what he wants to eat--until it's right in front of him. Neal's retro-style illustrations and easy-to-follow story are the perfect match for even the pickiest eaters--and the patient souls that feed them. Full color. 9 1/8 x 10 5/8.
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I Won't Eat That | Christopher Silas Neal
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I Wont Eat That by Christopher Silas Neal, is a MF PB about a cat who refuses to eat cat food and goes on a journey asking any animals he can find, what they eat. I would use this book as a RA. This book is a great introduction on what different animals eat and a activity can be found here: https://www.teachingbooks.net/clp.cgi?master_id=60994&lf_id=9

GroeningsC UDL: 7.2, relate the cat being a picky eater to the students life, asking what they like and dislike!
ESOL: 4, before reading this book activate students background knowledge on what different animals eat.
YesseniaN I love how this can relate to students and wanting or not wanting to try new foods or new things in general 4y
sbombasi Nice resource in tying in story elements ! The book would be a great read for like you said relate to students life. 4y
DrSpalding You could read this book right after you read the previous one titled Don‘t Eat That! You have a food theme going! 4y
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