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Tiny Hot Dogs
Tiny Hot Dogs: A Memoir in Small Bites | Mary Giuliani
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From awkward schoolgirl to Caterer to the Stars, Mary Giuliani weaves together a collection of hilarious memories, from professional growing pains to her long journey to motherhood, never losing her sense of humor and her love for everyone's favorite party food, pigs in a blanket.Mary's utterly unremarkable childhood was everything she didn't want: hailing from a deeply loving yet overprotective Italian family in an all-Jewish enclave on Long Island. All she wanted was to fit in (be Jewish) and become famous (specifically a cast member on Saturday Night Live). With an easy, natural storytelling sensibility, Mary shares her journey from a cosseted childhood home to the stage and finally to the party, accidentally landing what she now refers to as "the breakthrough role of a lifetime" catering to a glittery list of stars she once hoped to be part of herself.Fresh, personal, and full of Mary's humorous, self-deprecating, and can-do attitude against all odds, you'll want to see where each shiny silver tray of hors d'oeuvres takes her next. You never know when the humble hot dog will be a crucial ingredient in the recipe for success, in building a business or simply making life more delicious.
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Overall I thought this book was good, even if the writing was a bit silly at times. Her food doesn't sound the greatest personally, but she must be doing something right to be a caterer to the stars!

Soubhiville What a funny title! 1mo
Shadowfat @Soubhiville that's part of the reason I picked it up 😆 1mo
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Found at the front door today. Don‘t know where they came from. They must be strays. Can I keep them, mom? (Ok, yes, I ordered them myself but we can keep that just between us, can‘t we?)

squirrelbrain 🤣🤣🤣 1mo
robinb 🤐🤐🤐 (Thanks! I‘ve always wanted to use that emoji!!) Hope your strays are well-behaved! 🤣🤣🤣 1mo
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