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Twin Sense
Twin Sense: A Sanity-Saving Guide to Raising Twins -- From Pregnancy Through the First Year | Dagmara SCALISE
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Although everyone experiences unexpected challenges with the arrival of a new baby, the parents of twins face their own unique sets of joys and frustrations. As the parent of three children under the age of six, including three-year-old fraternal twins, Dagmara Scalise knows firsthand just how daunting that all-important first year can be. Now, in Twin Sense, she offers real-world advice on dealing with the many issues that arise when caring for newborn twins. Concise and easy to follow, this book shows harried parents everything they need to know, including: baby-proofing stocking up on what they really need preparing and involving previous children breast-feeding two babies at once making errands possible getting through the night bathing the babies traveling with twins keeping the peace responding to probing questions about having twins and much more! Filled with lively anecdotes and practical advice, this is a true insider's guide that will make raising twins a pleasure.
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No matter how good the book, never leave a 3 yr old alone at the dining room table with a metal fork. It was such a nice table before the twins came along. Sigh. All I wanted was to meet my relatively low daily page goal of 16 pages. Dang it, girl! This is why when your friends with small kids tell you they literally don't have time to read, you should believe them without question.Tagged is the book that didn't prepare me for stuff like this.

Eggbeater 😢 8mo
tournevis I feel you! I have the same table at home, and hutch, and floor. What I tell myself is: It's just wood. I'll refinish all of it when he leaves for uni. It's iust wood. 8mo
Siri_reads My 2 year old does the same 😳 I‘ve started using oilcloth on our dinner table... 8mo
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rretzler I always wondered about the saying “This is why we can‘t have nice things” until I had 2 sons 😜 Neither was particularly destructive, but even normal kid wear and tear and spills take a toll over time. In 4 more years, I can have a very clean house again, but no sons at home and I will be devastated. 😢 8mo
SleepyDragon @rretzler LOL!My daughter is more destructive than my two sons combined. My oldest (and my only for 8 years) was very meticulous about his toys and things. He spoiled us. Of course, now that he's approaching adolescence, he's become a total slob! Lol But my daughter is the one damaging furniture, drawing on walls, etc. 8mo
SleepyDragon @Siri_reads We just bought a table cloth today to start using at dinner time, to minimize further damage. 😁 8mo
SleepyDragon @tournevis My husband has already brought up the conversation of refinishing it. The table was his parents, so he wants to keep it, but the lighter oak doesn't really match our other furniture, so we are thinking of refinishing it a different color in a few years ... when the kids are older and less randomly destructive. It actually needed it before this anyhow, and the chair seat fabric needs replacing as well. Gonna be a big project for us! 8mo
tournevis @SleepyDragon It's wood with meaning, but it's still just wood. 8mo
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