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Between the Lines
Between the Lines: How Ernie Barnes Went from the Football Field to the Art Gallery | Sandra Neil Wallace
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2019 Orbis Pictus Book Award Winner "A visually striking, enlightening picture-book biography." --Booklist (starred review) "An absolutely indispensable illustrated biography that will remind readers of all ages that it's never too late to pursue their dreams." --School Library Journal (starred review) "A well-sourced, stirringly told account of an artist drawing inspiration from and finding beauty in the immediate surroundings of his world." --Publishers Weekly (starred review) "A biography with appeal for sports fans and budding artists alike, it will also beckon to any reader who appreciates a well-told, artfully illustrated story." --Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Discover the remarkable true story of NFL star Ernie Barnes--a boy who followed his dreams and became one of the most influential artists of his generation--with this beautiful and fascinating nonfiction picture book illustrated by four-time Caldecott Honor recipient Bryan Collier. "An artist paints his own reality." --Ernie Barnes Ernie Barnes was an NFL football player who longed to make art. Finally his dream came true. When Ernie Barnes was growing up in North Carolina in the 1940s, he loved to draw. Even when he played as a boy with his friends he drew with a stick in the mud. And he never left home without a sketchbook. He would draw families walking home from church, or the old man on the sofa. He drew what he saw. But in the segregated south, Ernie didn't know how to make a living as an artist. Ernie grew tall and athletic and became a football star. Soon enough the colleges came calling. Still, in his heart Ernie longed to paint. Would that day ever come? Ernie Barnes was one of the most important artists of his time known for his style of elongation and movement. His work has influenced a generation of painters and illustrators and can be found in museums and collections, such as the African American Museum in Philadelphia and the California African American Museum. Between the Lines is a story of inspiration, spirit, and of an American original who pursued his dream. This enchanting picture book includes pieces of artwork created by this little known artist who captured the truth and beauty of the world he saw around him.
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“Ernie Barnes‘s story in Between the Lines exemplifies the dreams in all of us.” https://wowlit.org/on-line-publications/review/xi-4/5/ #Picturebook

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#LAE3414sp19 “Between the Lines: How Ernie Barnes Went from the Football Field to the Art Gallery” is a biography of Ernie Barnes written by Sandra Neil Wallace. This book was awarded the Orbis Pictus award in 2019. This book is about a boy who always had a talent for art but pursued a football career before he could fully give his all to his painting.

Kcallihan This story could be very empowering in a classroom because it could teach students to always follow their passion and that it‘s also okay to have more than one dream. This website is Ernie Barnes official site: http://www.erniebarnes.com. This would be a very beneficial tool in the classroom because it could help the students and/or teacher dive into his life even more and truly learn as much about him as possible. 7mo
Kcallihan The UDL strategy I would use would be 9.3, “develop self-assessment and reflection” because the teacher could ask the students to reflect on what their greatest talents and goals are. The ESOL strategy I would use would be #16, “integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities”. The book would be the reading, hearing other‘s goals/talents would be the listening, and writing their own talents down would be the writing. 7mo
Kcallihan For this book I would use choral reading (CR) so that the entire class can participate with the teacher and everyone is included. 7mo
DrSpalding Another one of your peers highlighted this particular book. I am not sure if coral reading would work but I will take your word for it. Again another example of excellent alignment with principles and strategies. 7mo
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🏈🎨Between the Lines is a B, which won the Orbis Pictus Award of 2019, tells the life story of Ernest Barnes. Ernest, or Ernie, was a NFL and AFL player but his true fame came from his art. Throughout his life, people told him to stop painting and to focus on his career as an athlete since athletes lives well and artists struggle. Ernie continuously choices his passion for art over football. #LAE3414sp19

ha_kaye It is truly an inspiring story that all students should read. It promotes to do what makes you happy. Besides from the beautiful illustrations of Bryan Collier and the well written story from Sandra Neil Wallace, there is an information piece at the end of the book about Ernest Barnes where you can read more in-depth about his life and see some of the art mentioned in the story. 7mo
ha_kaye This would make a perfect RA where a discussion about following what you‘re passionate about could follow. This link shows different activities that correlates to Between the lines such as pairing another book and having students compare, explore the Civil Rights Movement with students, discussions about courage, and sensory art experiences. 7mo
ha_kaye http://www.theclassroombookshelf.com/2018/03/between-the-lines-how-ernie-barnes-... UDL principle 9.1 works perfectly with Between the Lines because it promotes expectations and beliefs that optimize motivation. EL strategy 16 is perfect for the RA activity since students will be listening to the book and they will be discussing it with other students. 7mo
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kelseymccormick @haleykaye517 Lovely job! You provided a very detailed post about this story and a high quality resource. I love how your resource provides many activities related to diversity. Additionally, the activities can be used to integrate other subject areas in the curriculum. 7mo
ha_kaye @kelseymccormick thank you so much! 7mo
DrSpalding What a cool story! I need to add this to my stack! You have wonderful book selections Haley. I can‘t wait to hear of what a beautiful classroom library you will have when you enter the classroom. 7mo
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