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What Do You Do with a Voice Like That?
What Do You Do with a Voice Like That?: The Story of Extraordinary Congresswoman Barbara Jordan | Chris Barton
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When Barbara Jordan talked, we listened. Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton Congresswoman Barbara Jordan had a big, bold, confident voiceand she knew how to use it! Learn all about her amazing career in this illuminating and inspiring picture book biography of the lawyer, educator, politician, and civil rights leader. Even as a child growing up in the Fifth Ward of Houston, Texas, Barbara Jordan stood out for her big, bold, booming, crisp, clear, confident voice. It was a voice that made people sit up, stand up, and take notice. So what do you do with a voice like that? Barbara took her voice to places few African American women had been in the 1960s: first law school, then the Texas state senate, then up to the United States congress. Throughout her career, she persevered through adversity to give voice to the voiceless and to fight for civil rights, equality, and justice. New York Times bestselling author Chris Barton and Caldecott Honoree Ekua Holmes deliver a remarkable picture book biography about a woman whose struggles and mission continue to inspire today.
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I think I found this one because the author is going to be at the San Antonio book festival in April. I‘m sure I heard about Congresswoman Barbara Jordan growing up, but didn‘t remember much about her. This picture book biography is a great way to learn about her life. I wish she was still with us today. I also stacked a full length biography to read later. #nonfiction2019 #somethingwithpolitics

Bookzombie The full length biography is 9mo
Suet624 There are some great videos of her on YouTube. 9mo
Bookzombie @Suet624 Thanks! I will have to check them out. 9mo
Smrloomis Ooh, thanks for adding the full length biography. I stacked it too 🙌🏽 7mo
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