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Brain games!
Brain games!: ready-to-use activities that make thinking fun for grades 6-12 | Jack Umstatter
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Here's a unique collection of over 170 reproducible exercises to fill your extra classroom minutes with challenging and practical exercises that stimulate your students to think and reason more intelligently and critically! Better yet, the exercises are fun, can be used at any time for a variety of instructional purposes, and are perfect for large and small groups as well as independent work. For your convenience, all of the Brain Games! activities are individually printed in a large spiral-bound format that folds flat for photocopying and are organized into seven sections covering a wide range of topics. Listening and remembering : 18 activities to give students practice in following directions, memorizing, and listening more effectively, for example, "Stand and Deliver" and "Accidents Happen!" Across the curriculum: A collection of 33 exciting exercises in a variety of content areas, including titles such as "Time Marches On," "A Stately Find," and "Which Science?" Language and writing: 34 activities for building written and oral communication skills, including "Mrs. Malaprop Has Arrived," in which students correct mangled proverbs ("You are the apple of my pie"). Logic and reasoning: 20 unique thinking activities, for example, "Mixed Up Advertisements," "The Art of Organizing," and "Know us by our slogans". Math: 21 activities emphasizing fun and problem solving, such as "Number Stumpers" "A taxing situation" and "Math and the movies". The world around you: 28 consumer and career-related activities to broaden students' experience, including exercises like "Countries, Capitals, and Currencies" "The Needed Product," and "Jobs...Jobs...Jobs". Me: 18 activities to help teens better understand themselves, their values, and their interest, for example, "If I were," "Your Personal Timeline," and "The Sounds and Messages of Music". In short, Brain Games! is sure to benefit both you and your students, it gives you a ready store of stimulating activities that will build your students' knowledge and critical thinking skills as it sparks their sense of fun!
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#gratitude30 #selflove I‘m grateful to have the time to work at keeping my brain active. When I retired, the advice from my doctor was, “don‘t let your brain turn to mush.” So hubby and I split the puzzles. He does the Jumble and the first half of the crossword, then I finish it and do the Sudoku. I actually used the tagged book as a teaching tool the year they dumped the 8th grade misfits on me in a “critical thinking “ class🤪

CarolynM I do the puzzles in my morning paper as a daily brain work out too. I'm sure it's good for me! 11mo
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