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Betty Gordon at Ocean Park or Gay Days on the Boardwalk
Betty Gordon at Ocean Park or Gay Days on the Boardwalk | Alice B Emerson
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1923. Illustrated. Another series from the author of Ruth Fielding, this one featuring Betty Gordon. Alice B. Emerson is one of the Stratemeyer Syndicate pen names. An advertisement claims that this is a glorious outing that Betty and her chums never forgot. The story begins: But nothing ever happens on this road, wailed Libbie. We've tried it before and never saw even a rabbit or a chipmunk. We just have to climb, and climb. That tells the story, laughed Bobby Littell, her cousin, tossing her curls. It is the climb you object to. Really, Libbie, you are getting too fat to move. I'm not either, cried the plump and dreamy-eyed Libbie. It's horrid of you to call me fat. I am just pleasingly plump. Oh! Oh! rallied the curly-headed one; but before she could say more Betty Gordon, her closet chum, who did not often disagree with Bobby, intervened: Don't tease poor Libbie about her avoirdupois, Bobby. She cannot really help it, you know. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.
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Library book sale haul part 2 - I got a set of Betty Gordon books from the 1920s, $5 for the whole set! Too adorable to pass up #bookhaul #litsyloveslibraries #oldbooks

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