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Scorched: A Dry Earth Story | Theresa Shaver
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All choices lead to death when the sun has Scorched the world. Claudia has never seen rain or any water that hasnt come from the old well behind her house. Now the wells about played out and today they closed down the ration stations, for good. The gangs are circling to rob and loot the little they have. Her only choices are go north to the slave labour camps or stay and die by the gangs. Her grandmother wants them to run south and follow an old map that will lead them to a secret valley with all the water they will ever need. She swears its there but how can she drag her nine year old sister and an eighty-year old woman out into the desert wasteland that surrounds them based on an old map? Enjoy this clean, stand-alone adventure novel that moves at fast pace!
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Very simplistically written, with lots of unedited errors, always frustrating. A very promising story, but just didn‘t follow through. The bad guys were very very bad and the good guys were very very good. Blah. The plot, setting, basic ideas, we‘re super – but the writing left a lot to be desired. YA. Dystopia. Setting: Southern California and Arizona 50 years from now.

JenlovesJT47 Hey! I‘m just wondering about the last two books I sent you for the Breakfast Book Club and if you received them and are going to send them to the next person. Haven‘t heard anything from you. Hope you‘re doing well! 🙃 1y
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