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1000 Yards
1000 Yards | Mark Dawson
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Meet John Milton He considers himself an artisan. A craftsman. His trade is murder. Milton is the man the government sends after you when everything else has failed. Ruthless. Brilliant. Anonymous. Lethal. You wouldn't pick him out of a crowd but you wouldn't want to be on his list. But now, after ten years, he's had enough - there's blood on his hands and he wants out. Trouble is, this job is not one you can just walk away from. He goes on the run, seeking atonement for his sins by helping the people he meets along the way. But his past cannot be easily forgotten and before long it is Milton who is hunted, and not the hunter. 1000 Yards This 17,000 word novella is an introduction to John Milton, the most dangerous assassin in the pay of Her Majesty's government. Milton is sent into North Korea. With nothing but a sniper rifle, bad intentions and a very particular target, will Milton be able to take on the secret police of the most dangerous failed state on the planet? Also included: the first chapter of the first full-length Milton novel, THE CLEANER. free freebie
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1000 Yards | Mark Dawson
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I enjoyed this military thriller about a former British spy infiltrating North Korea following cyberattacks by the Hermit Kingdom. It was a great introduction to John Milton, and the first in the series. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks to @Andrew65 for the recommendation! Now to convince Nook to carry more of them— Number 12 was the only full-length novel on offer.

Andrew65 Great to hear you enjoyed it. If you register for the newsletter on Mark Dawson‘s website he sends links to download 1000 yards and tarantula, and 2 other books from his other series. I also took out a free 30 day trial for Kindle Unlimited which had some of his books available for free on there and then cancelled before the first subscription was due after 30 days. 1y
ReadZenRites Thank you @Andrew65 I‘ll definitely check that out! 1y
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