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Vampyres: Genesis and Resurrection: from Count Dracula to Vampirella
Vampyres: Genesis and Resurrection: from Count Dracula to Vampirella | Christopher Frayling
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An expanded, fully illustrated, and up-to-date edition of the classic cultural history of vampires Vampyres is a comprehensive and generously illustrated history and anthology of vampires in literature, from the folklore of eastern Europe to the Romantics and beyond. It incorporates extracts from a huge range of sourcesfrom Bram Stokers detailed research notes for Dracula to penny dreadfuls, to Angela Carters The Bloody Chamber (new to this edition) which is analyzed by the author in a broader cultural context. This revised and expanded edition of the 1978 classic brings Vampyres up to date with twenty-first-century vampire literature, including new text extracts, commentary, and a revised introduction. For the first time, Christopher Frayling also explores the development of the vampire in the visual arts in four color-plate sections, with illustrations ranging from eighteenth-century prints to twenty-first-century film stills, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the vampire from popular press to fine art and, finally, to film.
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Look who got spoilt 🤩😍🤩

Thank you so much @Hazel2019 for all of this!

The candle smells amazing, the tea sounds great, the covers are amazing... AND THE BOOKS 🤩

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MaleficentBookDragon That looks like one scary package. 3mo
lele1432 Those are some cool covers! I've heard Bag of Bones is very good! 3mo
Hazel2019 Yay! 😁 So glad it all got there ok...hope you enjoy everything!! Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 3mo
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