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The Land of Open Graves
The Land of Open Graves: Living and Dying on the Migrant Trail | Jason De Leon
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In his gripping and provocative debut, anthropologist Jason De Len sheds light on one of the most pressing political issues of our timethe human consequences of US immigration policy. The Land of Open Graves reveals the suffering and deaths that occur daily in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona as thousands of undocumented migrants attempt to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. Drawing on the four major fields of anthropology, De Len uses an innovative combination of ethnography, archaeology, linguistics, and forensic science to produce a scathing critique of Prevention through Deterrence, the federal border enforcement policy that encourages migrants to cross in areas characterized by extreme environmental conditions and high risk of death. For two decades, this policy has failed to deter border crossers while successfully turning the rugged terrain of southern Arizona into a killing field. In harrowing detail, De Len chronicles the journeys of people who have made dozens of attempts to cross the border and uncovers the stories of the objects and bodies left behind in the desert. The Land of Open Graves will spark debate and controversy.
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Purchased on Audible so I could listen to the 106 pages we were assigned for today‘s reading. Thank goodness for 1.5x audio and a 3.5 h drive? but also going to listen to the chapters that weren‘t assigned because it‘s an important work.

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