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The Cleaner
The Cleaner: A Thriller | Paul Cleave
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A police department janitor named Joe investigates what is thought to be the seventh Christchurch Carver murder, except that Joe knows for certain that the latest homicide is the work of a copycat killer.
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Current Libby library books I have checked out. I try to read in order of due date, because I have lots of stress in my life now, so only easy reads are calling me. In particular I want to read Joe Victim next. It‘s the sequel to New Zealand crime novel The Cleaner, narrated largely by Joe, the cleaner, a psychopathic serial killer, which I just finished, and couldn‘t put down. Checked out Joe Victim minutes after finishing The Cleaner.

Tanisha_A Hope you feel stress-free soon! 🎈 6mo
Liz_M You're including D. McCullough in "light reads"? ? 6mo
arubabookwoman @Liz_M oh no. That‘s one of the books with the earlier due date that I‘m skipping over to get to the crime novels. It may end up going back to the library unread along with most of the others. 6mo
kspenmoll I get it- under stress I go to easy reading mysteries for escapism. Hope the stress in your life eases! 6mo
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Accurate 🤷🏻‍♀️

Literary_Siren Yes!! My house is a disaster most of the time and books are the reason why. 8mo
TiredLibrarian Good one 😂🤣 8mo
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Today's edition of #socksunday means clean one room, do one load of laundry, read one chapter...and repeat. Really enjoying this tale of bad behavior combined with the immense wealth of the L'Oreal fortune. #nonfiction #AllTrueTalesOfTheRichAndFamous

AlaMich Your cat is looking at you reproachfully, as if you should be getting back to work! 😻😉 10mo
cathysaid @AlaMich Right? And he's the one making it dirty! 🙄 10mo
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The solution is easy... six letter word, begins with M.

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Congratulations @TricksyTails on consuming your 666th soul. I hope it was devishly delicious.

My all time favorite #ratbastard would be Joe Middleton from Paul Cleaves, The Cleaner duology. You know an author has perfected his trade when he has the ability to make you love a sick twisted bastard such as my dear Joe.

@TricksyTails #RatBastardsNeedLoveToo

TricksyTails 👏👏👏👏👏👏 I adore that snarky piece of 💩! He‘s one of my new faves! Thank you for entering! 🤗 2y
laundry_piles @TricksyTails thanks for the chance to win. So glad you adore him as much as I do! 2y
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This is my 3rd book of his and he does not disappoint. He has quickly become my go-to for a violent psychological thriller b/c: he's a great storyteller, messes with your head, knows how to develop a plot and characters, and he's darkly funny. The only thing that bothered me about this book was that Joe, the main character, reminded me so much of Joe from YOU w/ the ego, narcissism, & sociopathy that it was hard not to think of them as the same.