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What Is a Princess? (Disney Princess)
What Is a Princess? (Disney Princess) | Jennifer Liberts
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The Disney princesses are adventurous, kind, and ready for anything! This Step 1 Deluxe Step into Reading leveled reader is perfect for children ages 4 to 6. The book features Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, plus more than 30 shiny stickers of all the princesses!
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My first book for the Easy Readers #ER section of #BBRC ! I had a really hard time with this one because I‘m not familiar with this genre AT. ALL. so my choices aren‘t earth shattering (I won‘t spam you all with reviews), but this one is a classic and you‘ve gotta love any book with a spread like this.

LibrarianRyan ER is hard. It‘s one of the best time to go to the library. Book stores carry them but there are so many more that are sold just to libraries and schools. It‘s one area not highlighted very often. 1w
Hestapleton @LibrarianRyan it‘s not! I also found a lot of different terms used to describe the genre, which also makes it hard. It seems a bit slippery to pin down! 1w
LibrarianRyan @Hestapleton it‘s not. And to me the biggest shame is that the best titles are usually directly sold to schools and library‘s and what general public gets at book stores is rehashed Picturebooks or TV and movies. 1w
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I'm not a princess...I just play one in my mind. I have a (relatively) early flight in the morning and detest waking up at the crack of dawn so even though I live about 30 minutes from the airport (if there's minimal traffic-and therein lies the rub), I decided to stay in a hotel on the property tonight. And as everyone here knows, the true biggest motivation is uninterrupted reading time. #winwin #princessnotaprincess

mcipher Enjoy!! 2y
L_auren Good for you 💕🍾📖 2y
tpixie Great idea!! Happy reading!! 2y
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