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On Their Way
On Their Way | A.D. Green
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On Their Way centers on the ordinary, but confusing modern-day lives of two close friends in their mid-twenties who find themselves on an unexpected journey to Spain. Meet Ella she is perceptive, creative, cerebral, loyal, opinionated, full of dilemmas, and torn between decisions, people, places and life trajectories. Meet Will he is stubborn, free-spirited, witty, sarcastic, and a writer. The novel offers a glimpse into their lives before, during and after their trip. As the story unfolds we follow how they change, what they resolve, and how they handle the consequences of their choices. It is a story about friendship, finding meanings, self discovery and moving on. The characters search for understanding, take new chances and realize that you cannot await happiness but have to step into the unknown.
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On Their Way | A.D. Green
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Both went out in today‘s mail with tracking, due to arrive on Monday, - Yee ha!! ... one to @Sg1224 and one to @Insearchofbooks

 @suvata definitely in the game now

ItsAngel Wooohoooo!!! 2y
Sg1224 @MuddyPuddle excited for the arrival! 😄🔍🔍🔍 2y
MuddyPuddle @ItsAngel And, I received your book today. It actually could have come yesterday, but I didn‘t walk down for the mail yesterday… Thank you! 2y
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ItsAngel @MuddyPuddle oh good! I REALLY enjoyed that book...very cheeky and clever with a lot of laughs in it. 2y
InBooksILive Hey @MuddyPuddle did you happen to send out the book for #thebreakfastbookclub? 2y
suvata 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 2y
MuddyPuddle @InBooksILive Yes, it‘s on it‘s way!! Priority mail, within state, shouldn‘t take long, I hope! 2y
InBooksILive Yay! Thanks dahlin! 😁 2y
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On Their Way | A.D. Green

I was given a frew copy of this book for an honest review. This book was such a chore to read. The characters weren't likable. Little research was done about Barcelona so the characters were there in name only. The romance should've played out like a Liam Neeson Taken movie, the heroine made stupid decisions and played a dangerous game with no repercussions. Overall, the story was boring, frustrating, and not worth my time.