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It's Not Easy Being a Bunny
It's Not Easy Being a Bunny | Marilyn Sadler
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Back in 1957, Theodor Geisel responded to an article in Life magazine that lamented the use of boring reading primers in schools. Using the pseudonym of "Dr. Seuss" (Seuss was Geisel's middle name) and only two hundred twenty-three words, Geisel created a replacement for those dull primers: "The Cat in the Hat." The instant success of the book prompted Geisel and his wife to found Beginner Books, and Geisel wrote many popular books in this series, including "Hop on Pop, " "Fox in Socks, " and "Green Eggs and Ham." Other favorite titles in this series are "Go, Dog, Go!" and "Are You My Mother?" by P. D. Eastman, "A Fly Went By, " by Mike McClintock, and "Put Me in the Zoo, " by Robert Lopshire. These affordable hardcover books combine large print, easy vocabulary, and large, bright illustrations in stories kids will want to read again and again. Grades 1 - Grades 2.
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Happy Chocolate weekend to all who participate! Had a family lunch at my least favourite restaurant, shut down my uncle who commented on me “not finishing my meal” 🙄 (tbd if he learnt anything from that experience), had a really nice catch up with my Aunt and got all the goss on her recent honeymoon & work stuff - and sat far away enough from my grandpa and brother that I couldn‘t hear if they came out with any terrible hot takes (quite likely).

MoonWitch94 It IS chocolate weekend 😂🐇🐰 8mo
ravenlee Sounds exhausting! I hope the rest of your day is pleasant. 8mo
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Dragon Yay chocolate 🍫 👍 8mo
CarolynM Having a least favourite restaurant is not a good thing☹ Hope you don't have to go there too often. 8mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @CarolynM, it‘s my grandpas favourite- so I‘m sure we‘ll be back soon 😢 8mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @ravenlee, had a nice little nap when I got home 😊 all in all - a nice Easter Sunday. 8mo
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Happy Easter to all the who celebrate! E. B. had to settle for different candies this year, but we‘re grateful that he was still able to leave books in my son‘s our basket! #happyeaster

It's Not Easy Be Bunny | Marilyn Sadler
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📚 - It's Not Easy Being a Bunny

🎬 - Harvey

🎵 - Pink Rabbits, The National

#manicmonday @JoScho

JoScho 🐰💗🐰 4y
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I'm sorry @Dragon but I'm taking the easy way on this #bookcolortag -- kids' books and blue. I'm still primarily reading from the giant stack of library books on my coffee table, so I can continue being lazy and only unpacking necessities. Anyway, here are four books that my son picked out at the library book sale last week. If you haven't done this yet, I tag @PaperbackReader @becausetrains @vivastory @TobeyTheScavengerMonk with green and white!

readinginthedark Also, sorry for the horrible lighting. They're brighter in person. I guess I should have used a filter to make them appear closer to their actual color. 5y
Dragon Thanks @readinginthedark your book tag books look so cute and fun ! 👍🏼😀💚💙 5y
becausetrains Green and white in the same book? 5y
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readinginthedark @becausetrains However you want to do it---green and white books, green books with white books, just one or the other--whatever! 5y
readinginthedark @Dragon I've only read the bunny one with him so far, but we usually find some hidden gems at these sales! 😊 5y
Dragon I love ❤️ library book sales ! 📚🐉 5y
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She doesn't like it very much, but her rabbit outfit is so cute. 😍🐇😾

#catsoflitsy #littenkitten #easterrabbit

Zelma That look! 😳😂 6y
Texreader Love it!! 6y
MaleficentBookDragon 😂😂😂😂😂 you know you're going to pay for that right? 😼 6y
Kitta @MaleficentBookDragon Oh I have 😂 6y
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