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What a Waste
What a Waste: Where Does Garbage Go? | Claire Eamer
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What a Waste! answers the question: when we throw something away, where is "away? Ever since cave people cracked open seafood shells for dinner, humans have produced garbage, and weve had to figure out what to do with it. What a Waste! explores the history of garbage from earliest times to today, covering subjects including dumps, human waste, water pollution, "problem garbage, and modern "throwaway culture. From islands made out of 5,000-year-old garbage in the Florida Everglades and sophisticated waste-disposal systems in ancient Pakistan to "fatbergs the size of a city bus in sewers today, What a Waste! delves into the fascinating, weird, and often disgusting world of garbage, and shows why its a growing problem. Creative solutions are showcased, like Repair Caf?s to fix broken items, grocery stores that specialize in "imperfect fruits and vegetables, and filtration systems in Kenya made from discarded water bottles. With an inviting presentation including hand-lettering and humorous illustrations, this book will both educate and entertain young readers.
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I read 'Goof Proof' by Victoria Loder, former literary agent who was very active on Twitter. It wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't recommend it. If you want advice on querying, Google Query Shark and read her blog - it's free.

(Book not in Litsy catalog)

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This was an interesting read. It is very comprehensive but still fun. Plus the little info,bits are great. I will forever remember what “pure” is. I love that the book is based on two questions: what is garbage, and what is “away”. The this books sets out to answer those questions. A great book for all library collections.