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Chime | Franny Billingsley
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This is the only photo I got from today. It's from the second floor and overlooking the front yard. We're at 18 inches on coastal CT, and it's over. I made limoncello, watched Intruders, crocheted a baby blanket, planted pepper seeds, finished "I Let You Go", and started "Chime." A successful snow day! ☃️☃️☃️


Hope all my fellow New Englanders stayed safe and warm! ❄️

mcipher Wow, that is seriously productive! I thought I did a lot today but you've got me beat. 😊 (in my defense, I did have to work from home 😜) 3y
DragonSadhana @mcipher Sounds like you had a productive day too! I spent the entire morning being unproductive. The afternoon and evening made up for it! 3y
krismac So pretty! 3y
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BookDragonNotWorm Still going strong in NH 😟 3y
Wife Sounds like a wonderful day! 3y
DragonSadhana @BookDragonNotWorm it started pretty early for us, so it doesn't surprise me that it was still going strong in the north! I'll be snowshoeing at some point. Got any winter activities planned? 😊 3y
DragonSadhana @krismac One of my favorite things about snow is how pretty everything gets! 3y
DragonSadhana @Wife it was! 3y
BookDragonNotWorm It took me the last 2 days to deal with all the snow! I snowshoed a puppy racetrack for the dogs, but now the only winter activity I want to participate in is hibernation (with some good books) until spring. If only that was an option. 3y
DragonSadhana @BookDragonNotWorm I wish we were a species that required a period of hibernation so that it was a socially accepted thing. "Sorry guys, I've got to go into my hibernation chamber. See ya in April!" :::carries books, kindle, and crochet projects into hibernation chamber::: 3y
BookDragonNotWorm If only 😊 💕💕💕 3y
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