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It took me a ways into this book to understand the format of the poetry, and I suspect it might have been easier to read in a physical copy, which is a frequent issue with poetry books. The poetry was beautiful, and a lot of the imagery really spoke to me. I want to check out the rest of get volumes to see where she goes from here.

#readharder #readharder24 - poetry collection published after 2014

KathyWheeler I‘ve read all of her books as ebooks, and I‘ve had a format issue with all of them. Come to think of it, all the poetry I‘ve read recently has been in ebook format and it‘s been an issue with most of them. 8mo
hjreviews I won‘t read poetry as ebooks for that exact reason. Plus format is so important to poetry I fear I‘m missing out if I‘m not seeing it the way the author originally wanted 8mo
TrishB @KathyWheeler @hjreviews same! Can‘t read poetry on my kindle. 8mo
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sebrittainclark @TrishB @KathyWheeler @hjreviews I read it on Hoopla, which has even more formatting issues than kindle too. 8mo
KathyWheeler @sebrittain I read it on Hoopla too. I didn‘t know they had even more formatting problems than other ebook platforms. 8mo
sebrittainclark @KathyWheeler It's more of a personal opinion than an actual fact. Hoopla just doesn't offer as many formatting options as kindle. 8mo
KathyWheeler @sebrittain I‘ve noticed that problem with all of the poetry but I didn‘t think about it being Hoopla in particular. 8mo
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