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A Velocity of Being: Letter to a Young Reader | Maria Popova, Claudia Bedrick
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“Dear Person-Who-Is-Afraid-Of-Books,

Don‘t forget: You don‘t have to finish every book you start...books aren‘t like a plate of vegetables that you‘re supposed to eat because they‘re good for you. Books are like an enormous ice cream sundae...You can eat as much of a book as you want and when you‘re full...you can put the book down and walk away.” - Amanda Palmer. Art by Taeeun Yoo.

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Oh that we were so blessed.

Emilymdxn Rosa for PM 13h
arlenefinnigan @Emilymdxn only revolution now..... 13h
CarolynM Condolences.😞 The leaders of our countries are a sorry bunch right now. 12h
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Feels like a good time to sit in the sun and read Rosa Luxemburg.

Emilymdxn I‘ve taken my lunch break to go and read Kate Chopin in the sun 💔solidarity always (edited) 13h
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The Jolly Postman, Or, Other People's Letters | Janet Ahlberg, Allan Ahlberg
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All wrapped and packed ready to go! A box if goodies for @jenniferw88 let's hope you love what's inside 😁 just got to pick a good date to get it delivered it to you by the 14th August ✉📦🚚

Thank you @Chrissyreadit for putting this great swap together I've had fun collecting the gifts & choosing the books

#StaycationInTimeswap #Sits #LitsySwaps #LitsyLove #Books #TheJollyPostman #OutForDelivery #BookNerd #ReadABook #Bookaholic

Chrissyreadit 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏😍 1d
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My first #24in48 was fun, if somewhat underwhelming timewise. I also had a nearly inevitable Timer Mishap (an accidental reset), but luckily I was taking notes on my progress as I went along, so I just had to do some math to get my total time: 7:47. 😉

Books finished: 4
Books started: 6
WIPs that saw progress: 1

Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2d
Sunraven @Megabooks: Thank you! ☺️ Although I didn‘t get anywhere near 24 hours, at least I got to revisit some old favorites and explore some new and interesting books, and that seems like a win to me. 😁 2d
Megabooks @Sunraven Definitely!! 👍🏻👍🏻📚 2d
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I did it!!! I did the whole of #24in48 on only my second try! The tagged book is the last one I finished, but that was at 23:45, so I've started something else. Which I may keep reading, but my stopwatch app can rest now.

Megabooks Congratulations!! 💃🏻💃🏻📚📚😎😎 2d
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It is the cuddles, or is Zelda as happy about this book as her human?

The letters of Zelda Sayre and her husband, who may have written a couple things.

Those kids may not have been good for each other, but they sure as heck loved each other. ❤️


IvoryLunatic I hope you enjoy this! I read it a couple of weeks ago and it‘s definitely a treat. 2d
bookseller_cate @IvoryLunatic I‘m sure I will. I hope to get to it soon. 😊 2d
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84, Charing Cross Road | Helene Hanff
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Sitting down with a coffee refill, this forever-on-the-TBR selection, and a big sense of optimism that I might actually make it to 24 hours for the first time!! 😬🤞#24in48

KarenUK Yay! 2d
parttimedomestic Looking good! 🎉 2d
TheSpineView Doing outstanding! 2d
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Readerann I loved this one. And woohoo on those hours!! (edited) 2d
Freespirit Just read this one and loved it💕 2d
Christine @KarenUK @parttimedomestic @TheSpineView The readathon was so much fun! But I‘m still tired. 😜 22h
Christine @Readerann @Freespirit Mom duty called, so I had to set this one aside after just a few letters, but I was hooked immediately! Can‘t wait to get back to it. 22h
Freespirit You must read The follow up book too😄 21h
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Meet Me at the Museum | Anne Youngson
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Lovely novel that unfolds in the correspondence between two strangers turned friends. Not the type of story that keeps you turning pages to see what happens next; rather, the type of novel you return to like a conversation with a close friend. Warm and comforting.

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A Velocity of Being: Letter to a Young Reader | Maria Popova, Claudia Bedrick
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Hi, everyone! It has been a long time since I posted on Litsy...something I hope to rectify this month. I had to talk about this book, though. It is the most BEAUTIFUL book (physically and content-wise) that I have ever owned.

scripturient I got this for my birthday this year and love it! 3d
TheLudicReader Recently read this one myself. Gave me all the feels. 2d
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