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I loved both of these YA romances! ❤️❤️❤️
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TheSpineView Me too! now
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Letters from Rifka | Karen Hesse
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#BookReport #DaiseysReadingWeek
📚 With some snow days this week, I got lots of reading time and finished #MGBuddyRead, a couple from #NetGalley, etc.

#CurrentlyReading - all #ReadingEurope2020 and/or #1001books
🎧 The Unwomanly Face of War
🎧 The Red and the Black
📖 The Magician of Lublin

📚 Continue current reads
📖 Smilla‘s Sense of Snow #ReadingEurope2020
🎧 The Comedy of Errors - hoping to join #ShakespeareReadalong

merelybookish Yay! Pleased you might join us for Comedy of Errors! 9h
Cinfhen Wow!!! You do NEED your own hashtag 😜so many books 🙌🏻❣️😘 7h
Daisey @merelybookish I‘ve wanted to join in a few times and never quite fit the reading in, but new year means new goals. Looking forward to it! now
Daisey @Cinfhen Thanks! It was a pretty unusually week for me! now
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Other Words for Home | Jasmine Warga
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“Excuse us. Thank you. We are happy.” (Warga p. 188).

This moment in the book has been the most powerful to me so far. I cannot seem to put this book down!!

Has anyone else read to this part of the book yet?

#NCHPedsReads #JanPedsReads

DrSpalding Yes! Finished! Enjoy this book! It‘s on the short list for the Newbery award. We will know Monday morning who wins! ❤️📚 14h
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Other Words for Home | Jasmine Warga
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Just started reading “Other Words for Home” by Jasmine Warga and although I have just scratched the surface of this book I must say I am already in love with this book! From reading the first few chapters I love the main character Jude! I also think Fatima is hilarious as she “hates math” but never fails to remind Jude that she is 24 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes older than her! #JANPedsReads #NCHPedsReads

DrSpalding Some students will relate to Fatima. It‘s a great book. Enjoy!❤️📚 14h
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Other Words for Home | Jasmine Warga
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This book so far is about little Jude getting used to her new city, that‘s unlike her native home Syria. Jude seems to be having a tough time transitioning, which I can see how hard it would be to move homes, let alone countries. Jude discusses her best friend Fatima, who seems to be from Syria too. It‘s nice that Jude has a friend from home to understand and accompany her though transition to the USA. Cant wait to continue reading!

DrSpalding I can‘t imagine having to leave the only home I have ever known to start again in another country! Keep reading! 14h
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Other Words for Home | Jasmine Warga

So far, so great! Jasmine Warga has managed to relate a very mature topic to younger children, and I think her verse style of writing is a big part of that. I am excited to get the chance to discuss the book with fellow book club members. I‘m enjoying Litsy so far and this is my first post, yay! Happy reading! #NCHPedsReads #JanPedsReads

Other Words for Home | Jasmine Warga
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One of Jude and Fatima‘s favorite things to do is drink tea and watch movies! Jude describes the movies she likes, and the actresses she relates to in those movies! If you were to watch a movie with Jude, which movie would you pick to watch? Why? If I were to watch a movie with Jude, I would watch Frozen. I think Frozen would be fun to watch with Jude because the movies she describes do not include an animated movie! #NCHPedsReads #JanPedsReads

sydneydaniels I would watch Frozen with Jude too! Haha love your post. 1d
Bshelton27 I would watch the emoji movie! I actually really like this one and how can really feel the emotions from all the characters! Frozen would for sure be my second pick though 1d
DrSpalding Some of the movies they watched provided such a skewed view of American culture! Name one movie they watched below! 14h
Channing_Austin @DrSpalding Legally Blonde! 14h
DrSpalding Correct! Anymore.... 🎥 14h
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Other Words for Home | Jasmine Warga
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I am so excited to start reading this book! Jasmine Warga‘s verse style writing makes the chapters smaller and less intimidating. Don‘t let the length make you squirm! I am so intrigued to learn more about the Syrian culture that Jude honors even with her recent move to America. What do you think her biggest struggle is going to be?? # NCHPedsReads #JanPedsReads

CodyFordPEDS Hey Brittany! I think her biggest struggle is going to be getting her family through this. With her brother joining the revolution and her father very much against it, she has a tough choice to make. I couldn‘t imagine making that kind of choice where the health of the country and the health of your family relationships are so on edge. Look forward to chatting with you about it further :) @NCHPedsReads #JanPEDSReads 2d
Channing_Austin I think her biggest struggle is going to be adapting to her new life in Cincinnati! She loves her home and her friends and family. I believe being forced to leave that behind is going to give her a huge emotional struggle! Great question! #NCHPedsReads #JanPedsReads 1d
DrSpalding I think her biggest struggle will be adapting to her new American school and trying to find her place; where she feels welcomed and comfortable! 🌎 14h
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A building exploded near my office this morning, damaging the entire surrounding neighborhood, and leaving me with an unexpected day off to read about George W. Bush‘s “chingaderas, Mexican slang, or nasty-shitty policies, in approximate English translation.”

She‘s covering a lot of very difficult, emotionally disheartening stuff very quickly, and it‘s hard to process. And this was written before the orange narcissistic con was elected.

ljuliel What happened with the building , and was anyone hurt ? 2d
jewright Yikes. That is scary. Is everyone ok? 2d
JacqMac 😬 It‘s good that you weren‘t at your office yet. 2d
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Graywacke @ljuliel @jewright no one knew last time I checked. Just a lot about a neighborhood of seriously damaged homes, and some injured. Here‘s a more recent update: https://apple.news/A1CcGUPf0QCerdLPLwh5_rw 2d
Graywacke @JacqMac closer than I would have liked. I actually left my office at 1:10 am (bad day), the explosion happened at ~4:15 am and did damage our building a half mile away. 2d
JacqMac @Graywacke Wow. Glad you‘re ok. It sounds pretty horrible. 2d
cathipink I saw that news story - glad you are ok. 2d
Graywacke @JacqMac @cathipink Thanks. I live pretty far away, just glad I wasn‘t at my office then (or, worse, outside my office). It‘s awful for those hurt, killed or with damaged homes (a big neighborhood is essentially next-door to the explosion sight and was hit hard.) 2d
Tanisha_A 😳 Sounds bad! Glad you are okay. 1d
readordierachel That's scary. Glad you're OK. 1d
batsy Oh, that's scary! Glad no one was hurt and you and loved ones are OK. 1d
CarolynM That's terrible. Glad you're ok. 1d
Drosera That‘s insane, there was an industrial explosion in Michigan years ago, I only remember it because my mom worked for the company. It was at night and no one was hurt. 20h
Graywacke @Tanisha_A @readordierachel @batsy @CarolynM @Drosera Thanks all. Watching local news last night I learned two employees were killed (one was using the office gym), and 214 house were damaged - like ceilings on the floor. @Drosera - these things are crazy. A little weird here, because I didn‘t realize it was Industrial, I thought that whole street was just warehouses. It‘s right next door to a housing community (no zoning in Houston) 19h
Drosera Wow, that doesn‘t sound safe for that kind of zoning to be done away with. 18h
Lcsmcat Glad you‘re ok! I feel for the families whose homes were damaged. (This is why we need zoning!) Still no cause postulated? 15h
Graywacke @Drosera @Lcsmcat Houston, to its own harm, has embraced the no-zoning as a point of pride. (edited) 15h
Graywacke @Lcsmcat propylene explosion, apparently. 15h
Louise Just saw this. What a terrible thing to happen. Glad you are safe. 4h
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Other Words for Home | Jasmine Warga
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This book is about a girl named Jude who lives in Syria. After reading the first few chapters, I can see how Jude is starting to view her life there due to the fact that she notices how few tourists are visiting as time goes on. I know what it‘s like to live in the Middle East so I can somehow relate or have an understanding to the feelings that she has. #NCHPedsReads #JanPedsReads

Amandagrullon Your connection to the book and Jude is unique! She is facing a hard situation and many big changes are headed her way! 1d
sydneydaniels I love that you can relate to this book. It‘s a great read! 1d
Giovanny_Vargas You‘re connection to Jude is amazing even if it‘s only a slight connection! It will allow to read this story through a different perspective and that‘s awesome! #NCHPedsReads #JANPedsReads 1d
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