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Loved it! Lots of Deja vu with current pandemic especially in terms of how scientists, politicians everyday people and big businesses responded,


I liked how the author started each chapter like a case report: patient zero, year, location, which disease, etc. The book discussed prevention and masks in addition to diseases and vaccines. Recommend for anyone interested in epidemiology.

Asthma: The Biography | Mark Jackson
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The original vacuum cleaner was invented by James Spangler, an asthmatic janitor who thought it would help his symptoms. He gave one to his cousin Susan Hoover, and the rest is history.

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Title that begins with the letter H
Posting this early as I will be busy tomorrow. Several others have mentioned Jackson's magnificent Haunting of Hill House. Two other great H Horror novels: Head Full of Ghosts (my first Tremblay) & House of Leaves. I am selecting for H a nonfiction account of an epidemic that I read 6 years ago that could easily count as a horror story. I remember meeting a friend for drinks & telling them about👇

vivastory Preston's book & they begged me to stop talking about it. This person was someone who regularly watches horror movies. I have thought about this book regularly since reading it 6 years ago & sadly even more frequently the past 2 plus years. 4mo
LeahBergen Oh, God! I remember blathering on to friends about this book when I first read it, too! 😬 4mo
vivastory @LeahBergen I noticed that Preston wrote a book about Covid-19, but I couldn't handle reading it this soon 4mo
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LeahBergen Did he?? I must look into it. But I‘m with you … too soon. 4mo
vivastory @LeahBergen Looking it up it seems that I'm wrong that he wrote a book about Covid-19. For some reason I was thinking that Crisis in the Red Zone was about that, but it's about the Ebola outbreak in '13-14, although he does discuss the potential of future epidemics & I think I might have read an article somewhere that he discussed the potential of future Coronavirus outbreaks. 4mo
LeahBergen Eek! Well, that sounds equally interesting and terrifying, too. 4mo
Graywacke This book freaked me out 4mo
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Not much new for me here, but at times it broke into surprising levels of technical detail (like the specific receptors used by particular strains of influenza in order to enter cells). I don't know if I'd recommend it: it's quite dry, and yet the technical details I craved were few and far between. It leans more toward descriptive history.

I feel like it needed a more thorough rewrite given the current pandemic, because that dated it very fast.

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My husband found this book which he thought I‘d like at a local #LittleFreeLibrary. He grabbed the book and brought it home to me because he knows the battle I‘d been fighting with #stress during the years of the pandemic. I think this book will be both a fun and helpful read for me. I‘m very happy to be reading it now.

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I mean, everyone who gets a birthday coupon from Barnes & Noble immediately goes out and buys a book about horrible diseases with it, right?

KristiAhlers Seems like a solid choice to me 🤣 8mo
AmyG You are a glutton for punishment….says all hypochondriacs. 8mo
EvieBee Always. 8mo
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Amiable @KristiAhlers @AmyG @EvieBee I have a weird fascination with epidemiology. My husband refers to my reading selections as my “Disease of the Month Book Club.” 😀 8mo
EvieBee Lol! They‘re fascinating! Have you by chance read this one? 8mo
Amiable @EvieBee I have not but I LOVE THE LOOKS OF IT! Thanks for the heads up! Stacking right now.
FYI, I work at a hospital and part of my job is to write patient education documents, so that's why I'm fascinated by this stuff. I'm not really a hypochondriac or a complete weirdo. ;)
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EvieBee @Amiable LOL! I love mysteries of all kinds even medical ones. 8mo
KristiAhlers @Amiable hey nothing wrong with that. I‘m not allowed to read those kinda books or visit webMD as I‘ll have all the diseases according to the hubby 🤣 8mo
Amiable @KristiAhlers Ha! He‘s not wrong —WebMD is a dangerous place! 😀 8mo
RamsFan1963 I've read this, it was extremely entertaining and also rather gross at times 8mo
Amiable @RamsFan1963 The photos might be a bit much! 😬 8mo
LeahBergen Happy Birthday!! ❤️📚❤️📚 7mo
Amiable @LeahBergen Thanks! 🙂 7mo
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You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Vaccinations! | Anne Rooney, David (CRT) Salariya
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I listened to the audio but I will probably go back and reread in print as I feel like I missed a bit. Really enjoyed it though.

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mabell That was frightening! Dancing isn‘t all fun and games! 9mo
CoverToCoverGirl Fascinating! 9mo
CrowCAH What?! I am so confused. What took over them that they could not stop dancing?! 9mo
jenniferw88 @CrowCAH according to my Dad, they were 'religious nutters'! 😂 9mo
CrowCAH @jenniferw88 oooohh 😆 9mo
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