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Some interesting stories. Author seems more of a fan of the boys than an objective biographer though.

johncadams Sadly often the way with these Royal biographies. A shame it wasn't a better read. 4mo
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Dance Dance Dance | Haruki Murakami
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Thanks for the tag, @RaeLovesToRead 💕
Islands are right up my alley! 😊

1. So many... Anytime:
Japan (regardless which one - either one of the main islands ( esp. Hokkaido or Honshu again), or the Okinawan or any small Japanese one);
The Channel Islands
Easter Island
Hawaii (any island)
or... Langeoog again.
2. if Japan (Hokkaido) or Hawaii: the tagged book
on Kyushu: Kafka on the Shore
on Honshu: any Murakami ... ⤵️

Yuki_Onna Continued:
*Langeoog: Shark Drunk by Morten Stroksness; The North Water by Ian McGuire (topic: rough seas) or Monster Love by Carol Topolski (thriller, first book I read on my 'adult' stays on the island)
*Ireland: I'd BUY tons of books there again: ghost story anthologies, books about Irish & Celtic myths, mythological creatures, thrillers set in Ireland.
*tropical/far away islands: any psychological thriller taking place on a tropical island.
wanderinglynn Okinawa! 🙌🏻 I do miss Japan 🇯🇵 And I love Ireland too 🇮🇪 5mo
TheSpineView So many islands to choose from! Thanks for playing 5mo
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This is such a lovely book, it gives you a little overview of a different animal from British wildlife day by day for each day of the year. Each days reading is very short and it‘s beautifully written. Also got this second hand for Qa so it‘s been a great buy!

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Just a Girl | Jane Caro
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Starting a new one before work this morning

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#savvysettings #train I read this so long ago , the author took this journey in the 1980s , Britain was in hard economic times.His conversations with people about the countryside , train travel history & what was then current was fascinating! Paul can be a curmudgeon, I thought it added to the charm.

Lcsmcat I‘ve had this on my shelf for a while. I should bump it up. 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🚂 📚👍🏻 11mo
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Roses, Roses | Bill James
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❤️A few years ago hubby gave me these lovely roses.
💙I‘m reading a book about dot journaling that‘s pretty good so far.
🖤I tried a recipe for pasta sauce that turned out well.

Thanks for the tag! @TheSpineView

Eggs Beautiful roses 🌹 Thanks for joining in ♥️ 12mo
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If you are interested in the competing groups and players in occupied France during WW2 then this is for you. It focuses on the Bourdeaux region and is detailed and well-written. You get a real sense of the players.

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This took me months to read, but I savored every moment! Detailing the properties owned and/or maintained by the National Trust in the UK, this book provides lush pictures, detailed descriptions, and more. Breathtaking to say the least!


LeahBergen Sigh! 13mo
Magpiegem Are you in the UK @librarybelle ? I‘m a NT member. Exploring beautiful grounds is such a good way to keep my kids occupied. We live in Sussex so we have lots locally xxx 13mo
Librarybelle @Magpiegem I‘m in the US, so this was a perfect armchair travel book for me! I‘m a member of the US equivalent to the National Trust, though! 13mo
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Librarybelle @LeahBergen I know!! I gasped and swooned quite a number of times over the pictures. 13mo
Magpiegem @Librarybelle ooh I would love the US equivalent book- i bet it exists, I will have to Google it! I used to live in a National Trust owned village- West Wycombe (the house is called Dashwood House) There is constant filming for various shows because NT can make the village earn its keep that way. Downton Abbey is filmed there and my children were christened in the same church Bridget Jones got married. 😊 13mo
Librarybelle @Magpiegem That sounds so lovely! I would love being that close to history! I‘ve not seen a book equivalent to this one from the NT in the US, but it would be fascinating too. We of course don‘t have the rich history and hundreds of years old buildings, but there are some pretty interesting properties. 13mo
Andrew65 Looks good 👏👏👏 (edited) 13mo
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This is a collection of recipes inspired by the novels and letters of Jane Austen, adapted by the author into contemporary versions. A few friends got together to celebrate all things Regency, Romance, and with comestibles selected from the book recently, and we cooked Bath Buns, Herb Pie, Spiced Mushrooms, Venison (substituted with beef) in White Wine, Buttered Apple Tart, and my contribution, Mrs Austen‘s Pudding. ⬇️

erzascarletbookgasm We even played a Regency Quiz! All great fun, even if we‘re all masked up when not eating! Recipes rating 6/10 14mo
erzascarletbookgasm Also tagging #PemberLittens who may be interested in the book. @sprainedbrain 14mo
Ruthiella Oh my! That all looks delicious! 😋 14mo
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sprainedbrain Oh how fun! I definitely need this book. 😉 14mo
Deblovestoread Sounds like a lovely time! 14mo
suvata Looks amazing 14mo
MaureenMc This sounds so amazing! 14mo
batsy That sounds like a great time! 💕 14mo
LeahBergen How wonderful! 14mo
Reggie This sounds and looks amazing! 14mo
BiblioLitten How lovely! 💕 13mo
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I did actually finish this, and I enjoyed most of it a lot, but I had a big old rant about the two aspects that irritated me... which I won't type again, because I can't have it living rent-free in my head ALL week. But, if you're interested: https://breathesbooks.com/2021/09/29/review-the-apple-orchard/

Clare-Dragonfly 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 1y
rabbitprincess Excellent review! 1y
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