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Fake February Rake
Fake February Rake | Lane
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The ton thinks Hades is a rake. He's not.Before the Brazen Belle's gossip column named him February's rake, Dr. Hades Jones was the ton's most trusted doctor, proper in every way but for his family's scandalous past. But the rake the Belle named wasn't him. It was someone wearing his distinctive silk-lined coat, which was stolen from him months ago. Now Hades is on the hunt for the coat thief, and what he finds in a Covent Garden alley is not what he expects-a woman with doe eyes, a steel spine, and a tart tongue he unexpectedly wants to taste.Everyone thinks she's Hades. She's just wearing his coat.Lady Ophelia Howard has one purpose in life-protect the women of London from rakes, scoundrels, and rogues. Unable to save her father's mistress, she'll do whatever she must to keep other women from suffering the same fate, including theft. She stole the devilishly handsome doctor's coat to hide her identity while sneaking women to safety. She didn't mean to smear his good name.And now he's caught her, and he insists she help restore his reputation. Any way she can. Including marriage. But can marriage to an earl's daughter bring the ton calling once more? Or will Ophelia's radical secrets ruin them both?The Fake February Rake is book 2 in the multi-author series The Rake Review. If you enjoy watching some of London's most notorious scoundrels getting raked over the coals, then be sure to collect all twelve bachelors in The Rake Review!
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A great second installment in the series!

Hades, the Devil Doctor, is not one to tarnish his reputation, until another person is caught using his own coat! Ophelia is intent on assisting women in need out of London, disguised as a man with a stolen coat. Can the two of them come to an agreement that would benefit both? Read the book to find out!

Release date 2/1/24.