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The Silent Dark
The Silent Dark | C.J. Stilling
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She thought she was insane . . . until her visions came true. Can a damaged teen save the city from a soul-devouring monster?
Alamogordo, 1989. Hanako knows her life's different than the average teenager: her father's in jail, her part-time job is working tech support for the mafia, and she lives in a city covered by unexplainable darkness six hours a day. But when a deadly new drug floods the streets of Alamogordo, things start to get really weird.
With her classmates dying and slipping into comas, Hanako is haunted by disturbing visions that forecast the upcoming victims. Hunting for answers, she comes face to face with a supernatural world she never knew existed and discovers the drug is just a small part of a far more sinister plan. Aided by a teenage movie star, a rookie police detective, and a shape-changing cat, can Hanako master her new abilities in time to save the city?
Set in an alternate Earth history, The Silent Dark is a thrilling urban fantasy. If you like strong heroines, vivid world-building, and unbreakable friendships, then you'll love this fast-paced adventure.
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The Silent Dark | C.J. Stilling
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The Silent Dark is a thrilling mystery steeped in supernatural happenings. This is the type of story that presents readers with multiple pieces of a puzzle and urges them to continue reading in order for the pieces to create a full picture. I could not put this book down. Please note it does deal with childhood trauma at the hands of a parent. #UrbanFantasy