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Trash the Trophies: How to Win Without Losing Your Soul
Trash the Trophies: How to Win Without Losing Your Soul | Chasta Hamilton
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As a dance mom that helped my daughter make the choice to leave an Uber competitive dance studio that cared about winning more than anything else, this book really spoke to me. Chasta Hamilton created a unique empowering dance studio and is trying to change the nature of competitive dance and the dance industry. If you have a child interested in dance or competitive dance this is a must read!

LitStephanie That is inspiring. I worked with a woman about 20 years old who had permanent hip damage from being a very good Irish dancer from childhood on. She showed me the moves that caused it, and I asked "Why don't they just change the way you hold those so it doesn't hurt people?" (I clearly know nothing about dance), and she replied "That's not really what dance is about." I was stunned. Glad some are trying to make positive change. 2mo
MicrobeMom @LitStephanie unfortunately I feel your friend‘s experience is not uncommon. For my daughter is more mental and social. But I see studio pushing you her kids to do tricks that they don‘t have the training to do and getting hurt. Just sad! 2mo
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