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A Dedicated Man, and Other Stories
A Dedicated Man, and Other Stories | Elizabeth Taylor, Joanna Kingham
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A collection of stories by the author of "The Sleeping Beauty", "Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont", "The Soul of Kindness", "In a Summer Season" and "Angel".
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A Dedicated Man, and Other Stories | Elizabeth Taylor, Joanna Kingham
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I‘m back from three weeks away and a good time was had by all until I contracted Covid at a wedding halfway through the holiday. 😆 I‘m pretty much back to normal but the celebrating with old friends and subsequent plague certainly cut down on my reading.

I‘ll bore you with a few of my bookish finds from the trip.

(Oh, and thanks to those of you who checked in on me during my mini-absence. 😘😘)

Jas16 So glad that you are feeling better. 4w
sarahbarnes Glad for your trip despite the unfortunate onset of plague. 🙃 4w
Leftcoastzen Glad you are feeling better, sorry you had to go through that! Lovely books! 4w
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rockpools Glad you‘re doing better. And ooh, look, Leah books 😍 4w
EvieBee Glad you‘re back! What lovely 💎 3w
Ruthiella Love the old timey cover! Welcome back and I‘m glad you‘ve recovered! 😀 3w
CarolynM Oh no! Hope it wasn‘t too bad and you‘re fully recovered soon💕 3w
UwannaPublishme Glad you had fun in between the setback and glad you‘re feeling so much better. 🤗 3w
batsy Lovely books! Sorry about the plague but I sure hope you're back to feeling yourself and totally recovered ❤️ (My sister and niece are visiting from the States and my other sister contracted Covid, derailing our fun times ... This virus is a real [redacted], isn't it? 🤬😆) 3w
writerlibrarian Glad you are better. This virus,It's still around and not going away anytime soon. 😕 3w
Cathythoughts Oh Leah , I hope you‘re ok. Covids not going anywhere soon it seems. You should have good immunity now , at least that‘s something 🙄👍🏻 take care friend 😘 3w
Lindy Glad to hear you‘re feeling better. I‘m just now recovering from Covid too. It‘s a drag. 3w
Centique I hope you‘re continuing to improve Leah. I had it 3 weeks ago and my gosh it has lingered and lingered! Worst house guest ever 🤪 3w
Centique I am so impressed with the cover of A Dedicated Man! Such a snooty face 😍 3w
Suet624 I‘m so sorry to hear you got sick. I‘m still wearing a mask at work and in public but I‘m quite sure it‘ll catch me at some point. 4d
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