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Sapphire: The Romantic Heist of the Century | Sophie Lark
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Will She Choose The Thief, The Detective, Or The Sapphire? Lex Moore is a thief and a heart-breaker. She takes whatever she wants from men, especially when it's expensive... She picked the wrong target in Detective Byron Black. He'll hunt her down, to make her pay for destroying his career and stealing his heart. Luca Diotallevi is in deep with the Italian Mafia. He's got to pull off an impossible heist, but Lex keeps getting in his way. He can't let her take the sapphire, but he also can't keep his hands off her... Will Lex submit to the detective that chased her across the world? Or will she choose the one thief she can't outwit? "Sapphire" is a romantic thriller with a blazing hot love triangle, and twists and turns that will keep you guessing all the way up to the end. It's Book 1 of the Colors of Crime series - a standalone novel complete with HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhangers. Includes steamy scenes intended for mature readers only.
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Ivan isn't in the database apparently, but I read this on a whim because a good amount of the booktubers I sub to love this author. It's a bit of a non-stop ride, in an entertaining way. It's a dark mafia romance (my first), and I can see why people like this author's work. Since I have KU right now, I'll probably read another by her for funsies.