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Run on Your New Legs, Vol. 1
Run on Your New Legs, Vol. 1 | Wataru Midori
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Shouta Kikuzatos hopes of starting on his schools prestigious soccer team are derailed when a terrible incident costs him his leg. Now in his first year of high school (again), Kikuzato has resigned himself to never reaching his athletic dreams. But when Chidori, a passing prosthetist, notices Kikuzatos artificial limb and speedas he races through the train station, the specialist proposes a partnership: Chidori will build Kikuzato a brand-new leg designed solely for speed. All Kikuzato has to do is run!
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A decent start to a new series following Kikuzato a young man who loves soccer but loses his leg before entering Highschool. This volume doesn‘t tell us what happened to him but from context it seems it‘s going to be slowly revealed to us. There was a lot of plot conveniences to get the story going, but there does seem to be a good amount of research that went into writing a story centered around sports equipment & the sporting events for amputees

Sweetkokoro If amputees is the incorrect term please do not hesitate to correct me, I researched what the best term to use would be with out being harmful and this was the answer I was given multiple times. If it‘s wrong I welcome being corrected. 4mo
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