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The Icing on the Cake
The Icing on the Cake | Linda Seed
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She's a baker without a kitchen. He's got a double oven to spare. It's a recipe for success, until his mother starts stirring up trouble ?Cassie Jordan has a sweet dream to open a bakery specializing in wedding cakes. The problem is, the Airstream trailer where she lives has a kitchen the size of a postage stamp, and her job as housekeeper for a vacation rental agency doesn't pay enough for her to find other arrangements.When the renters at one of the houses in her care cancel their stay, leaving the house empty and its top-of-the-line kitchen unused, who could blame her for seeing it as an opportunity? But Cassie's unsavory plan starts to look like a mistake when the owner's son shows up unannounced, catching her with her pants down-literally.If Cassie can sweet-talk her way out of trouble, setting up her business might be a piece of cake. If not, it's going to be a bitter setback ?The Icing on the Cake is a stand-alone novel in Linda Seed's Otter Bluff small-town romance series.
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I skimmed the majority of this one. Cute concept, but bad execution. I was just bored and had hit my eye rolling limit about 5 chapters in. The way the male character constantly talked about all the "attractive" women all the time drove me nuts. However, the cover is adorable and it was free for Kindle so I can't complain too much.